Are you considering planting trees on your property? Not sure what the benefits of trees on your property are?

The team of certified arborists at Croft Tree Experts share everything you need to know about the benefits of having trees on your property.

The Benefits of Having Trees on Your Property

Whether you already have trees on your property or are considering planting trees, there are countless benefits that having trees has to offer. 

Trees are often just seen as an added natural beauty, but the practical advantages of having trees on your property aside from the aesthetic appeal are quite extensive:

Added Property Value

a home surrounded by trees

A major aspect of a home buyers decision revolves around the aesthetic appeal of a home. Having a property with great landscaping and being surrounded by trees is much more appealing than a barren and empty yard. Healthy and mature trees can undoubtedly increase the curb appeal of your home and can potentially increase the property’s value by up to 10%. 

Increased Energy Savings

It’s a little known fact, but trees can actually help lower your energy bills! By blocking strong winds and snow from reaching your home in the winter and providing adequate shade in the summertime, effective tree placement can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. A certified arborist can help choose the best type of tree and the best placement of trees on your property to maximize the energy savings that they can offer.

a woman surrounded by trees soaking in the mental benefits of being in nature

Additional Privacy 

If you have an exposed backyard or live near a busy road, trees can immediately offer additional privacy and a more peaceful setting. Trees can act as a natural sound barrier to make your property seem quieter and more calm and also double as a visual barrier as well – to let you enjoy your home in privacy. You can enjoy your property with less distractions, less stress, and less noise!

Mental & Physical Health Benefits

We’ve all heard about the benefits of being outside in nature – it’s proven to be good for your mind and your body. You can get the benefits of being surrounded by nature in the comfort of your own home. Being surrounded by nature has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and improve overall well-being. Trees can also be good for your physical health as well – they act as natural filters that protect us from breathing in pollutants.

Considering Planting Trees on Your Property?

arborist planting treeIf you’re sold on planting trees and want to reap all of the benefits that they have to offer, you should call on the expert tree planters at Croft Tree. Our team of certified arborists are equipped with the proper training, the right equipment, and years of experience to make sure that your tree planting goes smoothly.

As part of our tree planting services, our arborists will consult on what type of trees you’re looking for, where you want to plant them, the soil conditions, and what would best suit your property. Once we figure out the logistics, we’ll do the rest.

Once your trees are planted, we’ll provide some tips for how to care for your new tree. Routine maintenance is the best way to maximize the benefits that your trees have to offer. Contact us to learn more about our arborist services and to get a free quote for all your arborist needs in the Ottawa area.