Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Experts

Trees in forests acquire their nutrients from decaying leaf litter and other waste that earthworms and nematodes have broken down. This nutrition source is inadvertently removed from a manicured environment by weekly lawn mowing and spring/fall clean-ups, leaving your plants lacking.

Croft Tree Experts can help you replace that nutrient source with high-quality fertilizers that become available through the same natural process, microbial breakdown. Since it guarantees that nutrients are only accessible while your plants are actively growing, this offers the highest value. With this approximation of the forest floor, the plant benefits from being healthier from the roots to the shoots. Get started today!

Fertilization & Soil Management

Plants growing in urban soils need nutrients to survive and thrive. Roads, construction machinery, and even foot traffic change, compact, and harm the health of the soil. Good trees grow in good soil. Plant health is improved by proper soil management, which replenishes nutrients that are absent or depleted.

Our fertilization services also include

  • Soil testing
  • Specialized equipment
  • Fertilizer injection
  • Wood chip mulches
  • Soil management & improvement
  • Root collar excavation
  • Irrigation monitoring
  • Soil compaction and incorporation of compost & nutrients


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Ottawa Tree Fertilization For Strong Healthy Trees

Like any living organism, trees need proper nutrition to grow as big as they can and to stay as healthy as they are able to. Proper tree fertilization is the key to a strong and healthy tree.

Of course, the soil is often too deficient in nutrients for trees in metropolitan settings. As a result, if you live in an urban location and have trees at your home, you might notice that they eventually lose their aesthetic appeal or grow weak and sickly.

Additionally, unattractive, unhealthy trees can negatively impact your quality of life in your house for a variety of reasons, including decreased property value and a higher risk of property damage from falling tree branches. Call the tree fertilization experts at Croft Trees if you want to maintain the highest possible property value while also safeguarding your home and yourself.


Additional Ottawa Tree Care Services

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