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If you are looking to remove a tree from your Ottawa property, odds are you’re going to need an arborist report. An arborist report is a document which details specific and accurate information about a tree or trees in question. Arborist reports will detail its location, size, condition, structural integrity, any possible diseases, infestations and overall health.

When do you need an arborist report? In Ottawa, if a tree has a diameter wider than 50cm, an arborist report must be filed to receive a distinctive tree permit. Without a distinctive tree permit, you are not allowed to remove a tree and doing so would make you subject to heavy fines. Similarly, if you are planning on developing land or starting a construction project, you will need an arborist to complete a tree disclosure or infill conservation report. These reports identify trees which are protected under the Urban Tree conservation by-laws.

Only a certified arborist has the authority to file an arborist report, tree disclosure report, or infill conservation report. You can count on Croft Tree Experts’ certified arborists to get you the arborist reports you need. Contact us today to get yours!


On top of providing reports to help you complete your projects, Croft Tree Experts’ professional arborists provide consulting services aimed at ensuring the best possible care for your trees and property. Rely on our years of experience working with all kinds of trees to get you the best possible outcome for your property. Our expert arborists can help you:

  • Assess and evaluate tree risk potential to cause damage or injury
  • Diagnose an illness or infestation in tree and help you find the best way to treat it
  • Understand the requirements for construction, excavation, or demolition
  • Conduct basic tree assessments and inventories
  • Create tree management and conservation plans
  • File tree damage and impact reports
  • Perform tree valuations

Proper tree care is essential to maintaining your property, preventing damage, and even injuries. Count on our arborists’ extensive knowledge to help you with all things tree related on your property. Contact Croft Tree Experts today for your Ottawa Arborist Consultation!

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There are tree protection by-laws in Ottawa that dictate when trees can be removed. It also covers certain precautions that have to be taken in order to preserve trees during construction projects. It can be difficult to comply with all of these requirements, so if you’re looking to remove a tree or take on a construction project in Ottawa, our team can help you with arborist reports.

Usually, an arborist report includes a general overview of a tree's condition. It can cover any potential hazards a tree is causing or areas of concern such as pests, diseases, mechanical injury, and overall site conditions. Depending on what is found and listed in the report, the arborists should also provide recommendations and a course of action that addresses the particular issues at hand. These recommendations often include pruning, fertilization, pest control, air spading, or tree removal.

There are different types of arborist reports depending on the situation. However, some of the more common reports include arborist reports/distinctive tree permits (typically for single residential tree removals), tree disclosure/infill conservation reports (typically for construction projects), and hazard evaluation reports. Each report has its own purpose and is required for different situations. If you’re unsure of which arborist report you may need, reach out to the experienced team at Croft Tree Experts today!


Arborists are extremely important to ensure the overall health of a property when it comes to trees and landscaping. When there is a concern for the overall health of trees on a property, our team often provides general health checks and recommendations.

We also frequently provide consulting for larger commercial projects. There can be serious ramifications if multiple trees, or even a single tree, are planted without taking into consideration the type of tree, the location, soil, other surrounding plants, and the overall environment. When you reach out to an arborist consultant, they will be able to make sure the current status of your property is in excellent condition for current and future planting plans. Contact Croft Tree Experts today to get started!

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Can I get an Arborist Report to cut down any tree?

The City of Ottawa’s By-Laws exist to protect trees, especially native and endangered species, from unnecessary removal. This is governed by Ottawa’s Urban Tree Conservation By-Law which applies to private land in urban areas of the City of Ottawa and adjacent rural areas. This by-law seeks to prevent unnecessary removal of healthy protected trees and means that you can’t just cut down any tree on your property. If you have any questions about whether or not your tree is eligible to be removed, contact us today!.

Does an arborist need to be certified in order to file an arborist report?

Yes. According to the City of Ottawa, Arborist reports must be filed by a certified arborist in order to be valid. If you want to remove a tree, you will need a distinctive tree permit which requires a report to be filed by a certified arborist.

Why would I need to understand the health of my tree?

While trees are important and key parts of many properties landscaping, they can sometimes be potentially dangerous. A rotting, damaged, or infected tree can fall and cause damage to property as well as potential injury or even death to people nearby. If a property owner fails to maintain a tree that was posing a known danger, they can be found liable for any damages that occur. That ‘s one of the many reasons why doing due diligence with trees on your property is essential, and having an arborist assess the health and safety of your trees is an essential part of that. If you have concerns about trees on your property, make sure to take care of it before it's too late and call a certified arborist today.

What is a tree valuation/appraisal?

Because trees provide a number of environmental, economic, and health benefits to residents, it is often very useful to know the monetary value of a tree. Our expert certified arborists can determine the economic value of a tree or trees on your property. If you would like a tree to be appraised, contact us today.

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