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Tree Removal & Felling Services

Tree Felling is removal by cutting a tree from the ground and letting it fall to the ground.

Rope Controlled Felling is removal by tying a rope in a tree to pull it mechanically in the desired direction.

Climbing Removals are used when a tree removal needs to done partially or entirely piece by piece. Sometimes different rigging techniques are used to lower pieces to the ground using ropes.

Removing Dead Trees & Dangerous Trees in Ottawa

Do you have dead trees on your property? These are not god to have around. Why not? Dead trees are not only unattractive, they can be a draw for rodents, insects and other unwelcome guests. A dead tree could also fall, posing a health & safety hazard. Dead trees are also a risk to other healthy trees on your property; the disease that killed this tree could spread to other trees. These are all good reasons why you should have that dead tree removed.

What about dangerous trees? This refers to trees that are damaged – or are leaning precariously or even resting on a structure. Again, these are safety hazards and should be removed. If you’re not sure whether a tree on your property is dangerous, we’d be happy to take a look and assess the situation for you.

Contact Croft Tree Experts today for any Ottawa tree removal services. We’re the trusted pros when it comes to tree removal, having felled or removed literally thousands of dead or dangerous trees over the years. We have certified arborists on staff and will provide a free estimate for removal.

Dead tree fallen on neighbours balcony needs emergency removal.


Do you need a permit to remove a tree in Ottawa?

To remove a tree that is larger than 50cm in diameter, you’ll require a permit from the city. There are some exceptions where no permit is needed to remove a tree in Ottawa. Read all about city of ottawa tree removal permits here -

How do you remove a tree in a residential property?

Often times, the best course of action to protect the surrounding properties is to cut down the tree in sections. At Croft Tree Experts we have safety in mind & always assess the surrounding area when removing a large tree in a residential property.

Why should I hire an arborist to remove my tree?

Cutting down a tree can be dangerous when doing it yourself. Hiring an arborist ensures safety & quality work. Croft Tree Experts also takes care of getting the proper documents needed to remove your tree legally.

If a neighbor's tree falls on my property who is responsible for removal?

While this question seems simple, the real answer is a bit more nuanced. If a neighbor's tree is showing signs of damage, rot, or other factors which might increase its odds of falling, they are responsible for removing the tree and potentially damage which was caused to your property. If the tree had shown no signs of damage and came down because of a particularly bad storm and caused damage to your property, your homeowners insurance will provide coverage according to your policy limits. If a neighbor's healthy tree falls into your yard and doesn't cause any damage, we hate to say it but you will be on the hook for cleaning and removing the tree.

What is the Emerald Ash Borer? Who is responsible for removing infested trees?

The emerald ash borer is a non-native, highly invasive and destructive wood boring beetle that feeds under tree bark. All species of ash tree are vulnerable to attack. The Emerald Ash Borere has killed millions of trees in Ontario, posing a major threat to the environment and economic activities. The way the emerald ash borers live and feed causes serious damage to the tree and often kills them.

The City of Ottawa is responsible for treating and/or removing infested city-owned trees however the responsibility for removing privately owned infested trees falls on the owner. Special precautions must be taken when removing a tree infested by emerald ash borers, most importantly proper disposal of wood. Make sure you have your infested tree removed by a certified arborist so you can help prevent the damaging spread of this invasive species.

How do I know if I have a dangerous tree?

If you have a dangerous tree, you want to make sure you get it removed before anything bad happens. The most common signs of a dangerous tree are dead or detached branches, rotten wood along the trunk and cracks or splits in the trunk. Dangerous trees also often have bark abnormalities with deep cracks or holes. If you suspect your tree is dangerous and needs to be removed, contact us today, we can help.

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