Storm damage clean up

Tree fallen on top of an Ottawa house.

Storm-Damaged Tree Removal

Ottawa storm damage can be severe. While mature trees are very resilient by nature, sometimes storms are strong enough to cause irreparable damage, requiring emergency tree removal or emergency tree cleanup. After a strong Ottawa storm, you might find that your once strong tree or trees have been damaged by the elements and need emergency tree removal. Be on the lookout for:

  • Large cracks in tree trunks
  • Uprooted trees
  • Broken branches
  • Fallen trees

If you’ve noticed signs of tree damage on your property, you should call Croft Tree Experts today. Trees can be dangerous, and if your tree poses a risk it’ll be something you want to take care of right away. Our expert arborists will be able to consult with you to decide the best course of action. Depending on the extent of damage, you might be able to preserve your storm damaged trees. In other cases where the damage is more severe and the tree creates potential risks, you might need to have it removed. Whether you need to remove the tree altogether or just need to repair your damaged trees, trust Ottawa’s leading tree storm damage clean up service.


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What Can an Arborist Do For You Before a Storm?

Conduct a Pre-Storm Assessment:

It’s important to identify trouble spots before a storm hits. Some potential hazards that a certified arborist can spot include:

  • Cracked Tree Trunks & Major Limbs
  • Dangerous Leaning Trees
  • Hollow, Decayed, or Dying Trees
  • Trees Close to Utility Lines

Take Preventative Measures Against Storm Damage:

After a thorough inspection of the trees on your property, a certified arborist may execute a number of different precautions and procedures to limit potential damage:

  • Prune Dangerous Branches
  • Remove Dead, Damaged, or Diseased Limbs
  • Inspect Leaning Trees for Potential Removal
  • Remove Dangerous or Dying Trees
Certified arborist during an inspection in Ottawa.
Fallen tree in front of a damaged Ottawa house.

Why get an arborist to help clean up storm damage?

First and foremost, getting an arborist to help you remove storm damage is easier, faster, more effective, and less stressful than taking on the task yourself. After a particularly strong storm you might have a fallen tree to handle large branches scattered throughout your property. If a tree has fallen near your home, car, or shed we can perform emergency tree removal while minimizing damage to your property. Removing a fallen tree on your own is difficult, time consuming, and dangerous.

When our arborists are there to help you clean up your storm damage,they are also able to examine the rest of your property to check that you don’t have any other potential tree hazards that you might have missed. Sometimes after a storm trees are significantly weakened and pose a risk, however the signs are not always visible.

If the storm-damaged tree or trees on your property do not pose a risk towards the people or property surrounding it, Croft Tree Experts’ arborists can help repair it allowing for the best possible recovery. Our arborists can prune dead limbs as well as brace and cable your storm-damaged tree to help ensure that your tree recovers and can survive the next strong storm that rolls through. On top of making the cleanup process easier, hiring an expert arborist is the best way to ensure you get the best possible care for your trees. If you suspect a storm has damaged trees on your property, contact Croft Tree Experts now. We can help.


If a neighbor's tree falls on my property who is responsible for removal?

While this question seems simple, the real answer is a bit more nuanced. If a neighbor's tree is showing signs of damage, rot, or other factors which might increase its odds of falling, they are responsible for removing the tree and potentially damage which was caused to your property. If the tree had shown no signs of damage and came down because of a particularly bad storm and caused damage to your property, your homeowners insurance will provide coverage according to your policy limits. If a neighbor's healthy tree falls into your yard and doesn't cause any damage, we hate to say it but you will be on the hook for cleaning and removing the tree.

How do I know if I have a dangerous tree?

If you have a dangerous tree, you want to make sure you get it removed before anything bad happens. The most common signs of a dangerous tree are dead or detached branches, rotten wood along the trunk and cracks or splits in the trunk. Dangerous trees also often have bark abnormalities with deep cracks or holes. If you suspect your tree is dangerous and needs to be removed, contact us today, we can help.

Do I need a permit to remove a dangerous tree?

If the tree on your property poses an immediate risk to the property surrounding it or people nearby, no distinctive tree permit is required to remove it. To be safe and avoid fines, it is a good idea to have a certified arborist assess the situation and determine the safest and best way of proceeding.

Who pays for storm damage tree removal?

In most cases, your homeowners insurance will cover tree removal costs following a storm. Certain factors like where the tree falls, the condition of the tree, and the type of insurance that you have might vary the extent of coverage available for storm damage tree removal.

Can storm damaged trees be saved?

Depending on the extent of damage that has been dealt to your tree, a storm damaged tree might be saved. A certified arborist needs to assess how many strong limbs are intact to determine whether or not your tree can recover. If the damage is not too severe, a thorough pruning and cabling or bracing job will be able to save your tree and help with a healthy recovery.

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