Tree Risk Assessment Services

Certified arborist during an inspection in Ottawa.

Tree Risk Assessment in Ottawa

Preventative tree care and a tree risk assessment can potentially save you thousands of dollars in damages or tree removal costs.

The team of certified arborists at Croft Tree Experts are licensed and trained to perform tree risk assessments. With a thorough inspection, we are able to identify any existing damage and potential risks that an untrained eye wouldn’t be able to spot. A tree risk assessment can help property owners make decisions that will promote safety and will enhance tree health and longevity. With a tree risk assessment, our team of arborists are able to:

  • Perform Limited-Visual & Basic Tree Risk Assessments
  • Use Diagnostic Techniques To Assess Tree Risk
  • Gather & Synthesize Information To Assess Tree Risk
  • Provide Recommendations & Solutions For Identified Risks

If you have any questions about the health and safety of the trees on your property, contact the certified arborists at Croft Tree Experts. With a professional tree risk assessment, our team can help identify potential risks and weaknesses in your trees to prevent major problems or complications down the road.

Tree Risks Assessments by Certified Arborists

Certified arborist during a tree inspection in Ottawa.

What Our Team Looks For

Decay Pockets – Trees can develop decay pockets and inclusions that are hard to detect to the untrained eye. These decay pockets are weak spots in the tree that can present a risk if not dealt with.

Gradation Changes – If a tree allocates more energy to finding water/nutrients than to growing, it can lack the necessary nourishment to produce leaves. Over time, this can significantly decline the overall health of your tree.

Dead Branch Tips – Dead branch tips are a tell-tale sign of problems within the root systems of your tree. A certified arborist is trained to identify and spot dead branch tips.

Pests & Pathogens – The presence of fungi, bacteria, insects, or other pests can usually indicate the decay of somewhere in the tree. Licensed arborists have the equipment and knowledge to properly identify the presence of even the most discrete pests and pathogens.

Arborist measuring roots on a tree in Ottawa.

Types of Tree Risk Assessments

Limited Visual Assessments – For a limited visual tree risk assessment, a trained arborists can evaluate and identify high risk trees. These types of tree risk assessments are intended for covering large amounts of trees with small amounts of detail being recorded. A limited tree risk assessment can be performed from vehicles or by walking down paths, sidewalks, and streets. A limited visual assessment can also be used to determine whether certain trees require a further assessment.

Basic Assessments – Basic assessments are more in-depth and require an arborists to carefully examine a single tree for visible defects. As part of this kind of tree risk assessment, an arborist will evaluate the structural integrity and overall health of a tree. For basic assessments, an arborist will also evaluate open cavities and perform a “sounding” check by using a rubber mallet against the tree. A basic assessment can justify the need for a more advanced assessment, in which the roots, stem, and crown of a tree can be evaluated in greater detail.


Croft Tree Experts provides comprehensive arborist services in and around the Ottawa area. Whether you need a tree risk assessment, arborist consulting services, or help with getting a tree removed, you can rely on the locally trusted arborists at Croft Tree. We have the experience, tools, and skills to help with all of your tree problems and questions to ensure the best possible outcome for your property. Some of the our consulting services include:

  • Tree fungus/disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Conservation and tree management plans
  • Tree damage and impact reports
  • Tree inspections
  • Tree removal permits
  • And more!

You can count on the expert team of arborists at Croft to help you with all things tree related on your property. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Croft Tree Experts team of certified arborists.

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