Cutting down a tree requires the right techniques and strict adherence to safety precautions, City of Ottawa tree permits and other steps that mustn’t be overlooked.

It’s a dangerous task if undertaken without proper safety precautions, and one that most would agree is best left to the experts.

Perhaps you have a small tree on your Ottawa property and want to give it a go? Of course, we’re biased, and we’d tell you to call Croft Tree Experts to get the job done right. But if you’re keen on the DIY approach, we can pass along a few pointers.

Preparation is key

tree has been cut sits in yard collecting verminBefore taking any further steps, it’s important make sure you are allowed to fell the tree. In certain cases, you will need a permit to proceed.

Remember, if you are nervous or have any hesitation about completing the task by yourself, don´t do it! Simply get in touch with us, trees are our thing! We are an Ottawa tree removal company who’s been helping clients safely for years.

Four Manual Ways to Cut Down a Tree

cross section of tree that has been cut

In hand felling, a saw, an axe, a sachet or a chainsaw are most commonly used to cut down a tree.

The last one is the most popular tool, since it can save users plenty of time and effort. However, it is more pricey and arguably more dangerous.

Whatever your tool of choice is, make sure you work safely! Some people make mistakes when cutting trees down, such as working alone or leaning a ladder against the trees. The consequences can be terrible!

Felling a tree can be done on your own, but you will need to obtain the necessary equipment and do some research on the process.

Generally, people who intend to fell a tree by themselves end up contacting qualified arborists. In addition to the energy and time that it takes to chop a tree, you could get hurt. We don´t want that to happen!  Wright Tree Service is the house of choice of many Ottawans who need a hand with their trees.

The feller – buncher

A motorized vehicle equipped with an attachment which can cut and gather trees in no time. This self – propelled machine, however, can only be operated by qualified professionals.

How to Fell a tree

tree trunk cut in autumnFirst of all, you need to consider how tall the tree is and where it will be falling. Under no circumstances can the tree should fall any where near person or property!  Such a mistake could get you into big trouble!.

You also need to decide what to do with the chopped tree. If you leave it where it falls, it could serve as a home for snakes, ants, roaches and other pests.

Time to move on! Old-school methods, such as axes or saws, are best suited to smaller trees. If the tree you are planning on cutting down is considerably large, you should definitely go for a chainsaw.

Bear in mind that, when felling a tree, you should never stand in its path. Start chopping /cutting slowly while you maintain a good “V” shape on the side of the tree. You don´t have to make it all the way through the tree on one side, since you can chop the tree on both sides.

In any case, make sure you are aware of the tree´s stability, because you might need to run out of the way.

Cracking sounds will tell you the tree could be about to give way, but you shouldn’t stop looking upwards. A falling tree can catch anyone by surprise! Keep an eye also on surrounding trees, since their branches could become entangled, or directly break.

When possible, try to guide the tree as it falls. Nevertheless, make sure you are not standing directly behind it. It could break loose from the trunk and hit you, causing extreme injury or death. 

Having Said All That – Your Best Bet Is to Hire the Experts

Okay, so you’ve got the do-it-yourself method to fell a tree in a nutshell.

Does it seem like a job you can take on successfully?

If so, we wish you the best!

If you’ve started – or just read this – and decided that enough’s enough and it’s time to call in the pros, you’re making the wise decision.

Count on Ottawa’s Croft Tree Experts to do a safe, thorough and professional job of cutting down your tree(s). We’re a highly experienced team with certified arborists on staff – and we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Contact us today to find out more & book an appointment.