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croft tree experts - certified arborists

Croft Tree Experts is Ottawa and the Valley's trusted arborist services, providing unmatched expertise in tree and tree stump removal, pruning, hedge trimming, tree mulching, and planting. We provide services from certified arborists for tree examinations for at risk or diseased trees, advising you on the best way to protect or care for your tree. By staying proactive in tree care with Croft Tree, you can protect your tree for the future.

Our team has a wealth of experience servicing and removing trees on rural and urban properties alike, ensuring your tree is removed safely. From downtown backyards to large lots, protecting your property while remaining on budget and on time is our priority. We also provide commercial tree services from care services to planting for commercial properties. Contact us today to learn more about what our certified arborist services below can do for your trees.