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We’ve created this page for Ottawa homeowners, commercial property owners and property managers as a resource for tree removal in Ottawa.

As Certified Ottawa Arborists, we have undertaken thousands of tree removal projects over the years. Sometimes tree removal is carried out to clear a section of land. Often we are called on to remove a tree that is dead or dying. In either case, the process involves a number of steps that must be followed for a legal, safe removal of a tree.

Our proven process for Ottawa tree removal includes:

  • Visiting your property and providing a free assessment & quote
  • Obtaining City of Ottawa tree removal permits*
  • Scheduling a tree removal date & time that works best for you
  • Felling & cutting the tree(s) with trained staff, proper gear & adherence to safe practices
  • Removing the tree(s) as well as stump grinding / removal

The season for tree removal in Ottawa is a rather short one. There are optimal times to remove a tree, particularly in the early spring (when the snow & ice have melted but the leaves aren’t out yet) and in the fall (when the trees are bare but not yet covered in snow). We continue throughout the summer, however, with our Ottawa tree removal services. Sometimes a tree removal cannot wait, especially if the tree poses a threat to people, property, structures and/or other trees.

* City of Ottawa tree removal permits are necessary in many but not all instances. See our resource page for more information on tree removal permits.


You may have a tree on your property that needs removal – maybe the tree is dead, dying or showing signs of disease. In these cases, we will do an assessment of the tree(s) in question when we visit your Ottawa residential or commercial property before providing a free quote for tree removal.

Saving a Tree – Sometimes it turns out that the tree does not need to be cut down at this time; as Certified Arborists, we are trained and experienced in diagnosing various tree illnesses, fungi and other issues. If we can save the tree, we’ll do everything possible so that you don’t have to pay for a tree removal.

When to Remove a Tree – Sometimes a tree is dead or cannot be saved, and must be removed. Also, thanks to Ottawa’s harsh weather with summer storms and winter snow & ice, some trees require immediate removal as they pose a threat to people or to property.

RISK! – Tree removal is a potentially dangerous activity. That’s why do-it-yourself (DIY) tree removal is not at all advisable.

Certified Arborists in Ottawa – we’ve removed thousands of trees safely, leaving behind no mess. Our Ottawa tree removal crews are skilled in the necessary safety procedures to fell and remove a tree in a manner that keeps your property, infrastructure and (most importantly) people out of harm’s way.

City of Ottawa Tree Removal Permits – We will determine whether permits are necessary before removing any trees on your property.

Our Ottawa tree removal services are thorough and competitively priced to give you the best value.

arborist in lift cutting tree


If I want a tree cut down, will an arborist fell my tree(s) no questions asked?

Speaking for ourselves here, we’re going to ask a few questions first. First off, there’s the matter of permits. The City of Ottawa requires a tree removal permit to remove trees. There are exceptions to this bylaw. Knowledgeable and experienced Ottawa arborists, such as the certified arborists here at Croft Tree Experts in Ottawa, are familiar with the City of Ottawa tree removal bylaws, and once we make a site visit we’ll advise whether you need a tree removal permit or if you’re god to go on that tree removal now. In general, we are proponents of trees and like to see trees maintained or new trees planted as Ottawa continues its path of growth and expansion. There are circumstances where tree removal is necessary, such as the health of the tree, or the development of property, etc.

Are all tree removal companies the same?

We don’t want to speak ill of anyone in particular. At the same time, we want you to get the best tree care for your hard-earned money. Are there people out there advertising their services on Kijiji or elsewhere, seemingly cheap? Well the adage holds the same - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Tree removal is an activity that comes with significant risk. The person or people removing the tree could get hurt - are they insured if they get injured on your property, or will you get hit with a big bill or (worse yet) a hefty lawsuit? Will the tree removal go wrong and cause damage to the property? Your house could get hit, or a car... or, far more troubling, a person could get injured. That's why it's well worth your while to spend a bit more and hire an Ottawa tree removal company that is experienced, trained and fully insured (and WSIB compliant).

Can I remove a tree myself?

In a nutshell: No, it's highly recommended that you hire a professional to take care of your tree removal in Ottawa. See the above Q&A for the reasons why, pertaining to safety of your property and - more importantly - people. While basic tree care is reasonably easy for you to do, when it comes to a dangerous and risky activity such as tree removal, is the big risk really worth the relatively small cost savings?

When is the best time to remove a tree in Ottawa?

If the tree poses an immediate danger to nearby property, buildings and/or people, the best time to remove that tree is now or ASAP. While we'd ideally want to avoid felling a tree on a rainy day or when the tree has snow & ice on it, we have to weight the options when considering that the tree or its large limbs could fall and damage your car, your house, or even (God forbid) someone walking or standing nearby.

For a tree that is dying or dead that needs to be removed, the ideal time is spring (after snow melt but before leaf bloom) or fall (after the leaves are off but before winter snow). That doesn't mean we stop in the summer - on the contrary, our summer Ottawa tree removal schedule is busy. So it's best to book ahead and get an appointment for a free quote for tree removal in Ottawa.

When to Remove a Tree in Ottawa?

Here’s a handy guide to help you decide when it's time to remove a tree:

Tree(s) to be cut down & removed to clear property HIRE AN ARBORIST FOR TREE REMOVAL
Tree poses a threat to property, structures and/or people HIRE AN ARBORIST FOR TREE REMOVAL
Tree is dead or dying and cannot be saved HIRE AN ARBORIST FOR TREE REMOVAL
Tree is diseased and you think it may need to be removed HIRE AN ARBORIST FOR FREE ASSESSMENT
Tree needs routine pruning to promote better growth HIRE AN ARBORIST TO PRUNE BRANCHES
Tree stump on property needs to go HIRE AN ARBORIST FOR STUMP GRINDING/REMOVAL

Tree Removal by Ottawa Arborists

By selecting Croft Tree Experts for Ottawa tree removal, you're getting Certified Arborist services. That means that, at your home or commercial property, you'll have a highly trained and experienced tree expert overseeing and/or performing the tree removal.

We take pride in being Certified Ottawa Arborists, able not only to remove trees in Ottawa with great care and with safety in mind, but also knowing when it's time to remove a tree as opposed to being able to keep it alive and in place.

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