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Ottawa Tree Cabling

Ottawa’s weather can be extreme and unpredictable, occasionally resulting in damage to the trees on your property. If your tree is damaged or weakened but does not need to be removed, cabling and bracing might be the best choice to help your trees recover. Tree bracing and cabling can protect your trees from further damage and also eliminate the risk of injury and damage to your property. In Ottawa, trees often need cabling after:

  • High winds: Trees are often damaged by the force of strong winds, leading to broken branches and trunks
  • Heavy snow: The heavy weight of snow on tree branches can stress trees to the point of breaking
  • Ice build up: Like with snow, ice can build up on your trees branches leading to damage under its weight

Cabling is done by installing flexible steel cables and braces to reduce stress damage to your tree due to high winds, the weight of snow, or ice build ups on your trees. Expert arborists know exactly how to diagnose whether or not a tree needs to be cabled and how to install them. If you have a tree you think might need cabling, call Croft Tree Experts today for a free quote.

Why Get Tree Cabling in Ottawa

Trees are large and can cause significant damage to the area surrounding them. While it’s often easy to spot a dangerous tree, weak limbs aren’t as obvious. Expert arborists know how to find weak areas in your tree and are able to properly reinforce them. The experts at Croft Tree can assess whether your tree is weak and in need of cabling by pinpointing fragile sections of the tree, examining the bark, and identifying other indicators of weakness. Common reasons for cabling and bracing your trees include:

  • Prevention: Cabling is done as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of breakage or failure in a healthy tree with potentially weak unions or crotches
  • Preservation: If a tree is damaged or weak and you want to preserve it , cabling is a great solution
  • Protection: Cables are used to prevent potential injuries and damages to your home – if the tree is in a high traffic area or is leaning over your home

Cabling is done in a very subtle and discrete manner, with the goal of protecting your trees but while also maintaining their aesthetic appeal. If your trees need cabling, contact the pros at Croft Tree Experts today!

Tree service worker in safety equipment adjusting his rope while working on a tree.
trees cabled for additional support

Tree Cabling vs. Tree Bracing

The applications of tree cabling and tree bracing are fundamentally the same – both techniques provide structural support by restricting the movement of branches. However, there are some slight differences between both methods:


  • Commonly used for the upper crown or canopy of a tree
  • Involves the installation of flexible steel cables between major branches
  • Redistributes structural stress among the connected branches


  • Often is reserved for the lower regions (the trunk) of a tree
  • Involves invasive steel rods as supplemental structural support
  • Provides support by securing cracks or splits in a major tree branch junction

In most cases, both tree cabling and tree bracing are used in providing adequate support for a tree. Both of these techniques are highly technical and should be left to professional arborists. Our team is train to assess the structural integrity of a tree and to determine the best solution for your tree. Contact Croft Tree Experts for all of your tree cabling and tree bracing needs!


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