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Deadwood Removal is a type of trimming that removes dead branches from a tree’s canopy. Branches can die off for a number of reasons including light deficiency, pest and disease damage, and root structure damage. A dead branch will at some point decay back to the parent stem and fall off. This is normally a fairly slow process but can be quickened by high winds or extreme temperature. The main reason deadwood is removed is safety. Situations that demand removal of deadwood is trees in your yard – overhanging buildings, driveways, patios/decks, pools etc.

Crown and Canopy Thinning increases light and reduces wind resistance by selective removal of branches throughout the canopy of the tree. This is a common practice which improves the tree’s strength against adverse weather conditions as the wind can pass through the tree resulting in less “load” being placed on the tree.

Crown Canopy Lifting involves the removal of the lower branches to a given height. The height is achieved by the removal of whole branches or removing the parts of branches which extend below the desired height. Crown lifting is done for clearance for things such as pedestrians, vehicles, pools, fences, sheds, buildings etc.

Directional or Formative Pruning is the removal of appropriate branches to make the tree structurally sound while shaping it. This can be done to shape trees away from structures or for aesthetics.

Vista Pruning (Sky Lighting) is selectively pruning a window of view in a tree to see through or let light through. Frequently used method in trees shading hedges and gardens or to get that perfect view from the deck at the cottage.

Tree Pruning & Trimming


Should you hire a professional tree service in Ottawa for tree pruning?

First and foremost, we want to help you maintain the health of the trees on your property so that you can see those trees grow and thrive for many years to come. We have the equipment and experience to handle Ottawa tree trimming of any size and scope. For larger trees in particular, it is highly recommended that you leave this aspect of tree pruning to the pros. That way you won’t have to worry about injury to yourself and/or damage to your property. We can also prune smaller trees and hedges with expertise so that they stay healthy and will flourish over time.

What is the difference between pruning and trimming a tree?

While these two phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Pruning is done more in the interest of protecting the tree, hedge, bush or shrub; while trimming generally is limited to shrubs and hedges for aesthetic purposes. Tree pruning can save a tree if infection is present; pruning a tree is also a proactive method of proper tree care.

Is it better to prune trees in Ottawa in the spring, summer or fall?

Early spring is right about the ideal time to prune trees in Ottawa. That’s because the winter has ended (hopefully!) and all the snow and ice is off the branches; but the leaves have yet to come out. This way we can clearly see the tree and all its branches, then can make a more accurate assessment of the overall tree health as well as which branches and sections will require tree pruning.

Who is responsible for tree trimming near hydro lines?

Hydro Ottawa is responsible for keeping primary supply overhead power lines free from trees and other forms of growth.


The responsibility for keeping the service wires on your property (secondary supply lines) outside of the clearance area free from trees and vegetations is the property owner. You are also responsible for maintaining the growth of trees and plants near service wires that feed directly into your house.


For the clearing of trees and plants near power lines which fall under your responsibility, make the safe choice and call a certified arborist. We are experienced removing all kinds of trees from near power lines, so you know it will be done safe and right.

Do you offer regular tree maintenance plans for commercial properties?

Croft Tree Experts is happy to offer regular maintenance plans for commercial properties. We encourage business owners to make the investment in their trees in order to avoid expensive damage and to keep your property looking great. If you are interested in our regular commercial maintenance plans, contact us today!

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