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Proper tree care is an investment in your property and in your well-being. While the DIY approach might make sense for lawn care and basic shrubbery maintenance, anything bigger deserves professional care.

Certified Arborists are tree professionals who have studied and trained in the art and science of tree maintenance and tree nurturing. An arborist will be able to help with your overall tree growth as well as care for individual trees. When it comes to tree pruning and tree removal, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to a certified arborist.

Hiring a Certified Arborist is beneficial for many reasons:

  • Makes the tree healthier
  • Promotes better growth
  • Creates a nicer appearance
  • Allows more sunlight
  • Removes safety hazards

Whether you have a small residential property or a large parcel of commercial property, hiring an arborist lets you maintain and improve the appearance of your property. It means keeping your property safe, especially when trees pose a risk of falling and could injure people and/or cause damage to property. It is a proven fact that properties with nicer landscaping and well cared-for trees are more likely to sell for higher price. Hiring a certified arborist shows your family, neighbours, customers, staff and prospective buyers that you care for your property and for all those who set foot.


As you can imagine, arborists love trees! We’re passionate about working with trees, something that goes back many years. Why and how? Here’s a brief look:

Education: Arborists go through a comprehensive education and training stage, involving both theory and practical study as well as hands-on training & leaning.

Early Experience: Arborists then go through a period of apprenticeships, internships, co-op, etc. We’ve all benefited from master arborists showing us the ropes – literally – and sharing their extensive knowledge and experience so that we can learn and grow.

Certification: Certified Arborists carry designation(s) from professional arborist associations that are recognized across Canada & US or worldwide. At Croft Tree Experts in Ottawa, we are ISA-certified arborists and ISA members in good standing.

Ongoing Education: Being ISA certified means that we must stay current on our skills and education. Arborist must pass exams for certification and re-write exams from time to time. We also adhere to an arborist code of ethics and continue to brush up on arborist trends.

Tree Advocates: Being certified arborists means that we are passionate about trees, and that we advocate for the benefits of trees for society even as urban areas develop and expand. We enjoy helping people plant and care for trees.

a man pruning a tree with hedge trimmers


Are all arborists the same?

We don’t want to speak ill of anyone in particular. At the same time, we want you to get the best tree care for your hard-earned money. Are there people out there calling themselves “arborists” but lacking in credentials of any sort? Sadly, yes, there are. That’s why it’s important to look at their website to see which arborist organization(s) they are members of or certified by. Never hesitate to ask questions about the credentials and experience of the arborist or tree care company you’re looking to hire. Someone who has just written an arborist exam this year versus someone who’s been working full-time for many years as an arborist, well you can imagine what a difference that can make.

If I want a tree cut down, will an arborist fell my tree(s) no questions asked?

Speaking for ourselves here, we’re going to ask a few questions first. First off, there’s the matter of permits. The City of Ottawa requires a tree removal permit to remove trees. There are exceptions to this bylaw. Knowledgeable and experienced Ottawa arborists, such as the certified arborists here at Croft Tree Experts in Ottawa, are familiar with the City of Ottawa tree removal bylaws, and once we make a site visit we’ll advise whether you need a tree removal permit or if you’re god to go on that tree removal now. In general, we are proponents of trees and like to see trees maintained or new trees planted as Ottawa continues its path of growth and expansion. There are circumstances where tree removal is necessary, such as the health of the tree, or the development of property, etc.

Is there actual science to being an arborist?

Most definitely! Certified Arborists have achieved a level of knowledge in the science of tree care, gaining years of experience and passing arborist exams developed by leading tree care experts. Arborists must continue their education to maintain certification. Arborists study the science of tree care which involves biology, chemistry, arboriculture, horticulture… even physics (yes physics! Imagine trying to fell a tree, not understanding physics and being the unfortunate though self-inflicted victim of a tree falling the wrong way!). Arborists need to know where and when to prune trees to promote healthy growth. Ottawa Arborists also need to be well versed in the various disease and fungi that affect trees in Eastern Ontario.

Should I hire an arborist for lawn care & landscaping?

You’ll find that there are situations that call for hiring an arborist, while other times you can do a number of things around your property on your own. Let’s start with the basics. For things like lawn mowing, leaf raking, yard cleanup and yard waste removal, those are things that most homeowners or property managers either do on their own or hire a lawn care company to manage. For small tasks like clipping shrubs and hedges (“trimming” by definition), you can take these on yourself and do a little here, a little there, keeping that shrubbery manicured nicely. So, for all that, we’re not really talking about trees per so. Now we can tackle the trees. When it comes to tree pruning – not to be confused with tree trimming – we’re talking about cutting branches off trees to (a) promote growth and/or (b) avoid safety hazards, that’s when you’ll want to hire an arborist. Then for any kind of tree felling, tree removal and cutting down trees, stump removal, etc. – for sure it’s best to hire an arborist to stay safe and avoid any hazards and pitfalls.

What is an ISA Certified Arborist?

The ISA, or International Society of Arborists, is a non-profit organisation which regulates arborist certification throughout the world. ISA certified arborists must meet stringent requirements, have extensive work experience, and pass a comprehensive exam before becoming a certified arborist. Certified arborists are trained in how to properly care for and remove trees as well as identify potential diseases, damage, and more. Only certified arborists can fill out arborist reports which are essential for distinctive tree permits needed to remove a tree.

Hire An Arborist Or Do-It-Yourself?

Here’s a handy guide to help you decide whether to hire an arborist or go the DIY route:

You need to have a tree cut down & removed HIRE AN ARBORIST
Tree poses a threat to property, structures and/or people HIRE AN ARBORIST
Assess health & growth of existing trees HIRE AN ARBORIST
Planting of new trees, shrubbery, etc. HIRE AN ARBORIST
Basic clipping of shrubs & low, small branches DO-IT-YOURSELF
Lawn mowing, leaf removal, yard cleanup, etc. DO-IT-YOURSELF

Our Arborist Services

We employ certified arborists who have passed comprehensive and regularly repeating exams developed by some of the nation’s leading experts on tree care. An arborist is an individual who is trained in caring for, planting, and maintaining trees.

When you hire Croft Tree Experts to remove a tree in Ottawa, you're getting the services of a certified arborist on staff. That's how we ensure that we're removing your tree safely as well as within compliance of Ottawa tree permit bylaws.

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