Looking for a good tree cutting, trimming or removal service in Ottawa? 

There are a variety of reasons to hire a certified arborist to get the job done right.

From stump grinding to tree planting – from backyards in the city to larger lots in the suburbs or country, any service you should need – Croft Tree’s professional tree care, maintenance and removal services are second-to-none in Ottawa. Why? For starters, we have certified arborists on staff. Read on to find out the real value this provides you.

What Value Does an Arborist Add?

arborist with gloves trimming pruning a treeArborists are experts in the care of individual trees and, therefore, they are knowledgeable of their needs.

These professionals have been trained and equipped to provide proper care, so hiring a certified arborist is the best thing three – owners can do. Proper care is an investment that will result in substantial returns, since your healthy trees will add considerable value to your property.

In addition, trimming or removing trees by yourself can definitely be a tough and dangerous task. Remember: trees should only be manipulated by those trained for such purpose.

What Does it Take to Be a Tree Cutting Service? 

arborist climbing treeArborists are individuals who are trained in the art and science of planting, maintaining and taking care of individual trees.

The ISA Arborist Certification is a non-governmental and voluntary process by which these experts can document their knowledge. Certified Arborists have achieved a specific level thanks to their experience. On top of that, they have to write an exam developed by some of the best experts on tree care.

Croft Tree Experts, which team has 27 years of experience in the industry, holds this certification. 

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

cutting tree trunk with chain sawISA’s most popular certification, the Certified Arborist Credential, sets holders apart as professionals with the dedication, commitment and knowledge to succeed.

Only those who have either three or more years of practical experience or a degree in the field of arboriculture, horticulture, forestry or landscape architecture are eligible for the exam.

An Ottawa Certified Arborist will help you protect your investment and property value while working on trees safely.

Leave your trees in good hands!

Other services provided by Croft Tree

At Croft Tree Experts we also run regular maintenance programs, set up cabling or bracing support systems, apply deep root fertilization or help clean up after a storm. In addition, we issue comprehensive reports that can be used applications for distinctive tree permits, as well as tree disclosure reports and infill conservation reports.

A Professional and Wallet-Friendly Tree Service in Ottawa

Do not make the mistake of hiring an amateur to take care of your trees!

Only a certified arborist will be able to complete the task properly. Believe it or not, not all the tree services have certified professionals in their staff.

Croft Tree Experts offer unmatched expertise at competitive prices. Locally owned and operated company is certified and insured, we have certified arborists on staff.

As Ottawa’s tree specialists, we master the art of managing trees in the safest and most efficient possible way. Contact us today to find out more & book an appointment for a free quote!