Most damage to a property during storms occurs when trees fall. In addition to physical damage or detriment, risk and liability can become a concern to people who have had a tree from their property fall. Therefore, deciding what to do with damaged trees is vital. If you are looking for information on tree removal and branch trimming in Ottawa this article is for you.

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Have a Professional Arborist Inspect for Damage

While typical weather events are generally not an issue for healthy trees, big storms can cause great loss, depending on the intensity and timing. Trees are engineered to withstand regular weather conditions. However, some events that can be seen in Ottawa such as ice storms or floods, can exert extreme forces, resulting in wounds, which can pose a risk to people and property in the long run.

At this stage, a tree owner must make an informed decision based on the extent of the damage. For this purpose, you want to get hold of a certified arborist near you, who will help you determine if a tree can be saved or if, unfortunately, it has to be removed.

When to Remove a Tree

The response to storm damage should be determined by two factors: sustainability and risk. If the residual risk from the damage is determined to be acceptable and the tree is likely to recover from the injuries, saving it could be an option. However, if the fallen or damaged tree entails a forthcoming danger to people or property, the decision should leave little room for options.

Whatever the case is, only a certified arborist should take care of a damaged tree. These professionals are knowledgeable about the needs of trees, and are trained and equipped to provide proper care. Remember: branch trimming and tree removal can be extremely dangerous tasks.

Types of Storm Damage in Ottawa

There are several types of tree damage that can occur from violent weather, and each has to be assessed in a different way. Regardless of the harm, all parts of the tree should be inspected after a fierce storm. Here are some of the common most damages in Ottawa:

  • Wind Throw
  • Crown Twist
  • Stem failure
  • Root failure
  • Branch failure

It is impossible to fully prevent damage from weather events. However, there are some actions that can minimize injury to trees.

Storm Damage Prevention

The best you can do is to protect your trees from the very beginning. Let them adjust to local conditions by allowing natural movement, and be sure to get an arborist in Ottawa to prune them effectively. You also want to inspect your trees for broken, dying and dead branches regularly. On top of that, remember to conduct a visual inspection after each violent weather event.

Health is the best defence to any challenge your trees may face in their lifetime, so make sure to water and fertilize them properly. In addition, you should monitor for pest problems to minimize spread and potential damage. If you are unsure of how to proceed, we are here to provide you with advice for professional tree care in Ottawa.

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