Backyard trees do more than just look pretty. Trees mean more shelter and food for birds, privacy from neighbours, and maybe even some seasonal fruit you and your family can enjoy.

Your trees will be with you for many years, so it’s essential to choose one that won’t cause trouble as it grows. Choosing the right tree for your yard can add privacy, elegance, and shade during the hot summer.

Although they may be beautiful, trees that’ll eventually grow to tower over your home should generally be avoided as a strong storm could knock down a few branches and damage your property.

With thousands of varieties to choose from, picking the right backyard trees can seem like a challenging task. Things like tree size, maintenance, and aesthetics all play a significant role in deciding which tree is best for your yard.

DogwoodBeautiful Backyard Tree

Having a tree that brings beauty and interest to your backyard year-round seems impossible, right? Dogwood trees offer a two-in-one deal by blooming in the spring and producing colourful berries in the winter to contrast with all that white snow.

It flowers during the spring in a profusion of red, white, and pink flowers. It also offers a lush canopy in the summer for some much-needed shade. Best of all, it only needs to be watered once a week and pruned if a branch is dead.

Saucer Magnolia

After the long, grey winter months, you’ll want to see some life return to your backyard.

Saucer Magnolias are a man-made hybrid formed by two types of magnolia trees. Its pinkish-purple saucer-shaped flower makes it one of the showiest tree specimens out there.

During the first year of planting, water the tree deeply frequently. Afterwards, only water the Magnolia tree when the weather is dry.

Sugar Maplemaple tree in the backyard of a home

Ever wondered what that beautiful, orange-leafed tree was on your drive through the city? Sugar maples are among the most beloved trees on the continent as it’s not only attractive but produce that sweet, sweet syrup you crave with your pancakes.

It offers great shade in the summer while adding a pop of colour during the chilly autumn months. This type of tree is incredibly drought tolerant and only needs to be watered when the weather is dry.

‘Green Giant’ Arborvitae

While having a fence built is a good way to add some privacy to your backyard, it can be a costly project.

This exceptionally hard evergreen acts as a windbreaker, privacy screen, and a beautiful hedge. Arborvitae is very adaptable and can tolerate any soil, not to mention it doesn’t pose any threat to your home in case a destructive storm hits.

Put Down Some Roots With Our Ottawa Tree Planting Services

There are a handful of tree species that you can incorporate into your landscape design to completely transform your space.

Planting a tree in your backyard is a great addition to your home. You’re not only making your property look better, but you’re giving back to the environment and local ecosystem. Our expert tree planting team is here to make sure your backyard looks the best it can be.

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