The sun is out, the weather lovely, and it’s time to get that yard back to its original glory. 

The first step in any tree root removal project is figuring out the root of the problem. One of the most common mistakes people make when removing a root from the property is not knowing how far it extends and the type of tree they’re dealing with. 

Slow flowing drains, low water pressure, and clogged drains are huge indicators that your tree’s roots are growing inside your pipes. As roots continue to grow, they may also crush your pipes, leading to flooded drains that are a headache to deal with. 

Although a tree stump may look harmless, it could be a safety hazard if not removed immediately. Dealing with roots can be tricky, as one minor cut could affect the tree’s water flow or cause it to fall in a storm. However, with the simple, straightforward guide below, you’ll be set to enjoy your summer root-free. 


Physically Remove Tree Roots on Your OwnMachine Removing a Tree Stump

While physically taking out a tree stump is the fastest way of removing it, the process is quite laborious

Depending on the size of the tree roots you’re dealing with, you can either dig out the stump or use a stump grinder. Before you begin digging, make sure there are no water, sewer, or other utility lines running beneath the surface, as it can be dangerous to accidentally cut them. 

Dig out the soil around the stump to expose the roots and remove any loose ones you find. Using your loppers, begin to cut through the roots still attached to the stump, making sure to stay away from the root ball to not damage the tree too much. 


Treat the Roots With Chemicals 

A more back-friendly option to removing tree roots is treating them with chemicals. 

To ensure the solution is properly distributed to the roots, use a saw to make small cuts across the stump and saturate it with water. Next, mix a chemical herbicide with an active ingredient concentration of at least 41% with water, creating a 50/50 solution, and saturate the outer ring of the tree stump. 

Once the treatment is applied, it’ll usually take two weeks for the roots to completely die. 


professional tree remover cutting a tree

Let the Professionals Handle It

Whether you don’t feel like digging around in the dirt for hours or don’t want to wait for the problem to go away, it’s a good idea to let the professionals take care of it for you. 

Removing the roots yourself, especially if it’s your first time, can contribute to the damage rather than fix it. A professional arborist will conduct a careful assessment of your property and the tree’s location to determine the best method of removal. 

Equipment such as stump grinders and tree saws are more or less useless against larger roots and attempting to use these tools improperly will not only damage the tree but can pose a danger to yourself as well. 


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