If you’re looking for help with how to mulch around trees on your property, then you’ve come to the right place.

All homeowners with trees on their property want to keep them healthy and looking great but are often confused on how to do so. 

Mulching imitates the natural environment found in forests where leaves and branches cover the surface of the ground and provide nutrients. When the forest matter decomposes, it creates the ideal environment for root growth. 

Placing mulch around your trees helps prevent weeds from growing, which eliminates the competition for water. Some other benefits include preventing soil erosion, keeping roots cool in the warm months, and improving soil structure and fertility. 

It’s important to know the proper method of mulching around trees to avoid harming the plant. 

Don’t Create a Mulch Volcano 

A mulch volcano is created by pilling up too much mulch around your trees in the shape of a mountain. 

mulch volcanoYou’ve probably seen mulch volcanoes surrounding plants and trees in public spaces and people’s lawns, as it’s a common occurrence. However, using too much mulch can kill the tree rather than benefit it. 

Using excessive mulch will cause water to run off the sides of the volcano and away from the base of the tree. Oxygen, which is another vital component that trees need in order to grow, will have a tough time reaching the roots through the thick layer of wood chips. 

The amount of nutrients and water a tree needs to grow and thrive will be less than sufficient, causing the tree to become unhealthy and likely die. 

The Proper Mulching Method 

Before placing the mulch around your tree, make sure to shovel away any rocks, excess dirt, or anything else blocking the tree trunk. 

types of mulch side by sideThere are two basic types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches consist of natural materials such as chopped leaves, compost, straw, grass clippings, and wood chips. On the other hand, inorganic mulch mainly consists of plastics and geotextiles

Using the mulch of your choice, spread the material in a 3-5 foot diameter around the base of the tree. How big your circle is going to be depends on the size of the tree. Layer the mulch until it’s 2-4 inches deep. Any depth above 4 inches can suffocate the roots and prevent nutrients from reaching the soil. 

Mulch is typically added during the springtime, although you should check on it at the end of the fall season. You may need to reapply a layer in order to help the soil retain moisture and insulate the roots from the cold. 

Mulch Landscaping Services in Ottawa 

Trees, especially young ones, can benefit greatly from having mulch covering their roots and trunk. 

Even though mulching may seem like an easy gardening task, there are a few things you must know before beginning the project. Knowing the different types of mulch, how to place it around the tree, and when to add the material to your garden is important to keep your trees healthy. 

With the help of our expert Ottawa arborists, you can ensure your trees are getting the best care possible.  

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