If you’re an Ottawa homeowner or property manager, you’ve probably found yourself in the position – at one time or another – of searching for help with tree cutting.

From tree felling, tree removal & tree stump removal to tree branch pruning and more, Ottawa tree cutting services run the gamut from professional arborists to Johnny-come-lately operators with a chainsaw.

How do you know which Ottawa tree cutting service to select? That’s what we’ll explore, in this edition of the Croft Tree Experts Ottawa tree cutting blog.

Which Tree Cutting Service in Ottawa Do You Require?

professional tree removal in OttawaWhen it comes to tree cutting in Ottawa, it turns out that this is an umbrella category with several tree services within it.

At the starting end are hedge trimming and tree branch pruning services.

These are two distinct services.

Hedge trimming is more of a landscaping operation.

Tree branch pruning is essential for proper tree growth and is best performed by an Ottawa tree cutting professional.

At the higher end of Ottawa tree cutting services – pun intended – are tree felling and tree removal. For many people searching for “tree cutting” in Ottawa, this is what they have in mind.

Tree removal is called for in several circumstances:

  • The tree is very sick, dying or dead
  • The tree threatens property or structures
  • The tree is a threat to safety of people
  • Tree removal is needed to make way for land use

Ottawa tree cutting services may or may not combine tree removal with stump grinding. The latter is usually an extra service where, after the tree cutting takes place, the remaining stump is pulled from the ground and ground up into mulch or chips.

How to Choose Your Ottawa Tree Cutting Service

tree pro pruning a branchOttawa tree cutting services run a wide range of expertise, experience and service.

There are a number of firms or individuals advertising tree cutting in Ottawa. Some are experts. Some have popped up very recently.

That’s why you’ll want to do your homework. Ask questions. Get quotes – but don’t assume that lowest quote will always work out.

What kind of questions should you ask of an Ottawa tree cutting service?

  • How long have you been in the Ottawa tree cutting business?
  • What are your references, reviews and/or testimonials?
  • What kind of professional designations do you have in the tree industry?
  • Are you insured? WSIB compliant?

In other words, you’ll want to vet fully the Ottawa tree cutting service you ultimately hire.


They’ll be coming to your home or property to perform tree cutting, such as tree removal, branch pruning or other tree services.

That’s not easy work, and it’s not without its risks.

If a tree cutting service does damage or causes injury at your property, who will pay the price?

Do you need City of Ottawa tree removal permits? An Ottawa tree cutting expert will know whether you do, and will make sure you stay on the right side of the law.

Even better, a proactive way to prevent mistakes, damage and/or injury – and get a higher chance to get better results – is to hire a tree cutting expert, one with years of experience, solid reviews and professional tree expert designations such as Certified Arborist.

Croft Tree Experts – the Trusted Ottawa Tree Cutting Service

landscaping expert trimming a hedgeAt Croft Tree Experts, we offer the right blend of experience, knowledge and designations.

We have served Ottawa’s tree cutting needs for many years, earning great Google reviews, recommendations, referrals and repeat business.

We are Certified Arborists, overseeing each tree cutting project with expert guidance.

And we are fully insured and WSIB compliant.

No matter what your Ottawa tree cutting needs are, from tree removal & pruning to hedge trimming and more, count on Croft Tree Experts.

Contact us today to find out more and to get started on your next Ottawa tree cutting project.