Once you’ve got larger trees and shrubs growing in your yard, you’ve established the backbone for your landscape design.  Now it gets interesting. It’s time to use your imagination and creativity to build on and enhance your space.

You can do this in several ways, for instance, by adding colour, varying foliage, plant shape and height, introducing structures and pathways, by coming up with an overall theme, or by incorporating zones for seating or play areas for children.

A Step by Step Plan for Your Landscaping

Knowing where to start can be a little daunting. The following ideas may provide some inspiration.

1. Inventory & Assessment

First, it’s always a good idea to take inventory. Evaluate what you have: trees, shrubs, hedges and flowers, as well as hard structures, fences and sheds. Also, take a look at the shape and topography of your space. What do you want to highlight and what do you want to downplay? You must also take into account practical considerations, like seasons and weather conditions in Ottawa, so you choose plants that will thrive in our area without too much intervention.

2. Chart Things Out

nice house with great landscapingNext, make some big picture plans. What are your overall goals, vision? Do you just want to tidy up your trees and existing shrubs? Decide what you want to keep and what needs to go. This is the time to prune and cut out what is not working in your garden.

You can think about ways to enhance your landscape by creating focal points. You may have larger plans that you want to incorporate, such as creating:

  • privacy with hedges or fences, establish boundaries
  • curb appeal
  • outside eating areas
  • seating
  • play zones for children

3. Additions

What special design ideas do you want to add?

  • water features
  • decks
  • lighting
  • sheds, buildings for storage
  • pathways, gravel, brick or stone
  • bird or butterfly garden
  • vegetable patch

4. Maintenance

well manicured landscapeHow much maintenance can I realistically handle? It’s one thing to make beautiful plans, but do you want to spend a lot of time weeding, trimming and mowing? Are you away a lot in the summer? Will your yard look tidy or overgrown quickly? This is where the experts can help answer questions so you find the right plant for the right space.

5. Local Concerns

What will thrive in my area? You may need the experts to give you information on your specific growing conditions:

  • soil, sandy, clay
  • climate zones
  • sun, shade, partial sun-shade
  • compatibility with your trees

The Landscaping Plan Comes Together

Armed with this information, you can get down to details. What plantings and structures will respect what you already have and at the same time revitalise and anchor your landscape. It takes a bit of planning and know how to visualize what additions will complement and highlight existing trees and shrubs. But now you can consider details like colour, shape, and foliage to create a coherent vision.

Tree Services to Complement Your Landscaping

We’re not in the landscaping design business, though we’re happy to refer you to some highly qualified pros. When it comes to hedge trimming, tree pruning and other tree issues, The experts at Croft Tree are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today to find out more.