Removing a tree stump can be easily procrastinated. I can involve a lot of work and time and it is not too much of an eyesore, so why bother? Well there are many reasons why you should be thinking about getting that stump removed by professionals ASAP. Here we will discuss 5 important reasons why you need to remove that stump.

To avoid future growth

Despite what you may think, when a tree has been cut down to a stump it can still experience growth, including sprouts of new trees. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can harm your garden’s nearby by pulling a large amount of nutrients and water from the ground, reducing what is available for plants around it. For this reason, some refer to these growths as suckers. These can spread easily and need to be addressed in a manner that prevents future growth.

They can be eyesores

Stumps, especially if they are in the middle of your yard, can be eyesores for property owners. A beautiful lawn and garden just don’t look as good when a stump is right in the middle of them, and it only gets worse once it begins to rot or develop fungal growth. They also take prime real estate away from your garden space, reducing your freedom for building new gardens or for planting new flowers.

Prevents the spread of diseases

If your tree was diseased or sick, the stump could still carry some of the nastiness that afflicted your tree, spreading it to others. The infection can travel through the roots of the cut tree and into the roots of adjacent ones. The longer you wait for removing a diseased tree’s stump, the more at risk you are of the disease spreading to others.

Prevents insects and more from moving in

Stumps can attract pests and insects such as termites, wasps, bees, ants and more. These can be a nuisance on your property and also threaten the health of the other trees on your property once they get bored with the stump and spread around. Ants pose the risk of you experiencing an ant problem inside the home. It is also prime real estate for harmful tree fungi which can pose a danger of spread to other nearby trees as well, compromising their health as well as posing a danger to small children or those with allergies. 

Makes your life easier

Once a stump is removed, you no longer have to mow your grass around it. You no longer have to dodge it when you, children or friends are out enjoying the yard. You increase the space available for activities whether you wanted a volleyball net, play structure, outdoor rink in winter, or a new patio for lounging. Whatever your plans for the yard, you will not have the space you desire until that stump is removed. 

Croft Tree Experts offers the Ottawa region professional stump removal and grinding. We have a wealth of experience and provide a professional friendly service that delivers the results you need to reclaim your lawn and property’s appeal and value. Get that stump removed before any serious and costly problems arise. Call us or get in contact today!