Ottawa’s most recent Tree Protection by-law has strengthened regulations preserving urban trees and preventing urban deforestation by imposing strong fines for breaking them.

This new set of regulations, approved in January 2021, is the result of blending two by-laws affecting trees on private and municipal property.

If you are planning on getting a tree removed, it is important to know what this new regulation entails. 

Protecting Trees in Ottawa

ottawa house with treesThe new by-law has increased the application fee for removing specific trees.

In addition, the fine for developers and homeowners who break municipal law is now higher. The aim is to halt the worrying trend of urban deforestation the intense development of the city has led to.

In an effort to retain, replace, and renew the municipal tree canopy, the new regulations include stricter tree-management measures.

We’ve got more information on the new by-law, so be sure to keep scrolling to the end to find out more about how this could affect your Ottawa tree removal and landscaping plans.

Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit?

If you are planning on removing any trees on your property, be sure to familiarize yourself with the new tree regulations in Ottawa.

ottawa city hallThe new by-law requires property owners to get a permit when it comes to taking down protected trees.

A tree falls under this category if it’s owned by the City or if it’s privately owned but meets specific criteria.

You can find more details here.

Certified Arborists in Ottawa

Any property owner that needs a permit to fell a tree will also need to get hold of a tree care expert, and here is when our arborists come in.

The reason is that any removal permit application has to be submitted together with an arborist report. The level of detail required will vary depending on the reasons for taking down a tree in Ottawa. 

The reasons for removing a tree can be clustered in three different categories: No Development, Infill Development and Planning Act. Every Tree Information Report will have the contact details of the tree owner, the arborist and the contractor who will be taking down the tree.

We know that paperwork can be daunting, but at Croft Tree Experts, we got you covered. We can also remove your tree! All you need to do is give us a call or pay us a visit. 

Changes to Permitting and Posting 

tree removal grinding stumpsThe former Tree Removal Permits are now called Distinctive Tree Permits.

The protection on distinctive trees in urban areas has also changed to those with a diameter greater than or equal to 30cm. Those with a circumference larger than or equal to 50 centimetres in the suburban area, and all city owned trees are also protected.

In addition, city trees require now a permit to be taken down.

On top of that, a public notice of tree removal must now be posted on each permitted tree one week before the procedure takes place.

Understanding the Ottawa Tree-Protection By-Law

While this is a brief summary of the new set of rules to help you familiarize yourself with the new by-law, you can of course go through the full regulations before contacting an arborist.

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