Large shade trees can be a beautiful addition to your backyard or landscaping plans, but they can also be energy-saving while keeping your backyard space cool during the hot summer months. Planting a shade tree can allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoor space of your home while reducing your energy bill. Talk about two birds with one stone! If you want to learn about which backyard trees will give you the best shade, keep reading!

Red Head Girl Hanging From Shade Tree During Sunset

Benefits Of Shade Trees 

There may be more benefits than you realize when it comes to planting shade trees on your property. If after learning about all the benefits and you want to plant the best shade trees in your backyard ASAP, give Croft Tree Experts a call! We offer tree-planting services for residents in the Ottawa area.

Increased Home Value

Shade trees can raise the value of your home. They can even raise the value of an entire neighborhood. Believe it or not, having a property surrounded by beautiful trees can raise the average home’s value between 5-18% depending on your neighborhood! Talk about a no-brainer investment. 

Backyard Enjoyment

Having large shade trees in your backyard is great for families and children. Whether you want to host parties, picnics, or games, having shade to keep your family and kids protected from the sun gives you one less thing to worry about on those days. Also, having a large shade tree in your backyard tends to reduce noise pollution too if you live in a busy area.

Energy Saving

Shade trees help cool your home and if placed strategically, they can reduce your cooling or heating bills by up to 30%.

Aesthetic Benefits

There are a wide variety of shade trees available to choose from. This lets you enjoy all the benefits shade trees have to offer without compromising the appearance of your backyard or front yard area.


Do you have a pool? Live in front of a park, public building, or close to your neighbors? If you spend lots of time outside in your backyard with friends and family and want more privacy, shade trees are not only good for blocking out sun rays but are also great to keep your backyard space more private.

Backyard Health

Shade trees and backyard trees in general can have a positive impact on the environment. They improve air quality, provide habitats for wildlife, and reduce flash flooding.


The Best Type Of Shade Trees

Red MapleRed Maple Trees During Fall Time With Leaves Falling

  • Red maples can grow anywhere from 13-24” in a year.
  • At maturity, their high can be around 40-60 feet, with a shade coverage of 40 feet as well.
  • They can withstand harsher winter or street conditions as well as different soil types.

Lacebark Elm 

  • This tree can grow anywhere from 13-24” every year.
  • They can grow up to 50 feet with a spread of 35-40 feet.
  • This tree can also handle cold weather and different soil conditions.

River Birch

  • There are many different birch options to choose from and generally speaking, they grow rather easily.
  • River birches can grow to about 60 feet at full maturity.
  • Their spread for shade coverage is around 45 feet.

Yellow Poplar

Zoomed In View Of Sycamore Tree And Bark

  • This is a great option if you want to plant your tree and get shade fast. The yellow poplar can grow at a rate of more than 24” a year.
  • Fully grown, this type of tree can reach 70-90 feet tall.
  • A spread of 40-60 feet is common for the Yellow Poplar.

Weeping Willow

  • Weeping willows will typically grow to around 40 feet.
    Their spread for shade is around 35 feet at maturity.
    Much like the yellow poplar, the weeping willow can get shade fast with a growth rate of more than 24” per year.


  • Sycamore trees can grow to be one of the largest broadleaf trees in Eastern North America. They can grow up to 115 feet tall!
  • This is another tree if you want backyard shade and fast! They can grow up to 23” a year.


Croft Tree Employee With Hard Hat In Tree

Adding A New Backyard Tree To Your Property

If you’re looking to add a shade tree to your home there are quite a few things that need to be considered. Trees can literally make or break your property, so it’s good to consult with professional or expert arborists. This way they can help you make the right choice for the land you live on and answer any questions you might have. Some issues you can unknowingly come across include poor tree survival rates, hostel trees that don’t grow well around others, and susceptibility to diseases or pests.

At Croft Tree Experts, with can provide you with the information and expertise that you need. We are locally owned in Ottawa and we’ve been providing our community with arborist services since 2015. Contact us today! If you need tree removal, stump removal, tree planting, trimming, or cabling services, we can take care of it all for you. We are happy to offer a free, no-obligation estimate for our services after an inspection of your property has been completed.