Every spring when the snow melts, eager Canadians leave their homes and make an effort to transform the outdoors of their property into thriving, lush environments the whole family can enjoy.

From lawn care to gardening there is a lot to get done! However, proper tree maintenance is often overlooked.

Our Guide To Spring Tree Care

Proper tree care is incredibly important for the long-term health and prosperity of your trees.

Not everybody knows the steps to properly maintain healthy trees, and the specific steps you must take when doing your outdoor spring cleaning to encourage a successful growing season.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide to help you through every step of the outdoor spring tree care process.


Spring is the perfect time to have an arborist perform a tree inspection since the trees are still bare.

This makes it easy for our arborists to identify any signs of winter damage or disease on your trees. Over the course of the inspection, our team of experts will examine every tree on your property properly following the guidelines we strictly follow and provide you with a comprehensive report. Our team will tell you what needs to resolve any issues.


Tree pruning must be done to ensure a successful spring growth.

Our team of trained arborists will prune dead, weak, and dangerous branches from your trees to prepare for new spring growth. We highly recommend doing this at the beginning of spring because if you do this later, your trees will be at risk of being attacked by various diseases and pests.


Fertilization is a smart move after the winter months since the soil is lacking in nutrients after the winter.

This will provide your trees with the proper nutrients to encourage new, healthy growth, as well as to help prevent pests and disease!


Tree mulching is an important step in your spring tree care checklist. Mulching improves the quality of the soil around your trees, keeping the soil moist and fertilized.

Tree mulching also prevents weeds from growing around the base of your tree’s soil and taking up any important nutrients intended for your tree’s benefit. Especially for young or freshly planted trees, mulching is extremely important which is why we recommend adding 2-4 inches of mulch to the base of any tree.


People choose to plant new trees on their properties for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Planting a shade tree to stay cool during the summer months
  • Produce more oxygen
  • To maximize energy-saving benefits
  • Increasing the value of their home

No matter what the reason is, you need to ensure you are planting trees the right way. You need to choose the right place to plant a tree in your backyard where it can thrive. You must also select the proper kind of tree for your property. If you have no experience planting trees, our experienced arborists will be happy to help you through the entire process

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