Not sure if you need your tree removed? Having trees on your property offers several benefits, but sometimes a tree can do more harm than good. 

Not only do trees add an aesthetic appeal to your home, but they also conserve energy, produce oxygen, and serve as a habitat for birds, small animals, and insects. 

In some cases, however, homeowners are forced to have the tree removed because it’s causing a negative impact on the property. 

Below are some signs that homeowners can look for that indicate if you need to have your tree removed.  

The Tree Is Dead

If a tree is dead, it will no longer provide some benefits like water retention and shade. dead tree split from stormInstead, it will become a hazard as its structural integrity is compromised.

There are a couple of ways to find out if your tree is dead. The easiest way to find out is by inspecting the tree. Walk around the tree and take a close look at the branches. If you see new leaves or leaf buds, then the tree is most probably alive.

A more accurate way to determine if a tree is dead or alive is by conducting the scratch test. Underneath the outer layer of bark, there is a layer called the cambium.

Peel back a small layer of the exterior bark and look at the cambium. If the inner layer is green, it means it’s alive. In dead trees, the cambium layer is brown and dry. 

The Tree Shows Signs of Disease or Decay

Just like humans, trees can get sick. Trees are susceptible to a wide variety of diseases, with some illnesses being hazardous enough to terminate the tree. 

To know if your tree has been infected with a disease, look for signs such as withered branches, blackening of the bark, or the growth of fungus-like organisms.

When large populations of fungus or mushrooms grow at the base of a tree, they infect roots and the trunk, which will cause instability and weaken the tree’s structure. 

There is no sure way of knowing if your tree is decaying, so it’s best to consult an arborist if you see any of the signs mentioned above.

The Tree Is Growing Too Large and Overcrowding

two kids beside large treeHaving a large, healthy tree on your property to provide shade in the hot summer days seems like a dream, but when that tree begins to press against your home, you’ll be more concerned about damaging your property than the summer heat.       

When there’s not enough space on your land for the tree to fully grow, the tree branches will start pressing against the windows and walls of your home.  

The roots of the trees could start growing under the building and disrupt the foundation. 

If there are several trees on your property, they may become overcrowded and start competing with each other for the nutrients in the soil. The smaller trees will begin showing signs of nutrient deficiency and will begin to wither away. 

Overcrowding will also limit airflow and cause weak flowering, which causes fungal diseases to grow and prohibit other trees from growing to their full potential.

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