First and foremost, congratulations on thoughtfully planting a new tree! The hard work is behind you, but now you also have to take care of your newly planted tree – if you’re not sure what that entails, not to worry. The team of professional arborists share their tips and tricks for taking care of your new tree. If you follow our guidelines, you will be sure to have a healthy and fully grown tree that you can be proud of on your property. If you happen to run into any complications or notice any serious issues with your newly planted tree, give us a call and our trained arborists can come for an assessment.


a man and woman watering their newly planted tree


Newly planted trees need regular and consistent watering until their root systems are established. To understand how much water your newly planted tree requires, you need to become familiar with the term caliper.

A tree caliper is a special tool designed to measure the diameter of the tree in order to determine the amount of water that it requires. For trees that are less than 4” in diameter, measure its diameter 6 inches above the soil line, and for trees with over 4” in diameter, measure 1 foot from the soil line. For watering newly planted trees, apply 4-5 litres per an inch of the diameter of the tree every day for the first several weeks – as the tree and roots continue to grow, the watering volume will need to be increased accordingly.

Make sure to water the root ball (planting area) and not the trunk, occasionally feel the soil to check its moisture, and remember that too much water can be just as bad as not enough water – take the time to be accurate.




On top of understanding how much and how often you should water your tree from a general standpoint, there are several other factors to consider that could affect the amount of water that your newly planted tree would require. Some questions to consider:

  • Location: is your tree on a slope, in the shade, or in a windy spot?
  • Soil Depth: how deep is your soil?
  • Competition: are there other trees or shrubs nearby?
  • Temperature: how hot is it and how much sunlight does your tree get?
  • Soil Quality:do you have sandy soil, urban soil, loam soil, or clay soil?

All of these factors play a crucial role in the amount of water that your tree requires. For more information and to get a better understanding how each of these factors affect your tree’s health and water uptake, call us today for a free consultation!



Mulch is organic matter (usually wood chips) that is applied to the base of the tree and is exactly what a newly planted tree needs to ensure healthy growth. Applying a 2-3 inch layer of mulch that spans several feet around the tree will provide a host of benefits to your newly planted tree, including:

• Decreases water evaporation from the soil
• Regulates and insulates soil temperatures
• Wards off the growth of weeds
• Prevents water runoff
• Improves the overall soil health

Be careful to not over do it! Using too much mulch can cause problems with oxygen and moisture levels which can attract pests, fungi, and diseases.



While it’s important to trim off any defects or broken branches when planting your new tree, you should hold off on pruning a newly planted tree for at least a year. When a tree is transplanted, it undergoes a lot of stress and needs to properly adjust to its new environment. Significantly trimming young trees can add additional stress and can limit their growth for the following year.

We recommend only starting to prune your tree after a full season of growth, when the tree has established its new roots and has adjusted to its new location. After the first year, pruning is actually essential to ensure that your tree has an even canopy, a healthy arrangement of branches and a strong trunk. If you’re unsure about how to properly prune your tree, call the certified arborists at Croft Tree to help with your tree pruning needs.




Newly Planted Tree Care Experts in Ottawa

Setting up your newly planted trees for success this summer can be easy with the help of the team of professional arborists at Croft Tree Experts. If you have any additional questions or need some help with taking care of your newly planted tree, you can rely on the help of our highly skilled crews for additional information and for our industry leading services.

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