Has your tree become an eyesore? What if you want to remove it –  but you aren’t sure whether you need to pay for a tree removal service or tree felling? (or is there even a difference?)

Perhaps you have a diseased, dying or dead tree that needs to be cut down. Is it tree felling or tree removal that we’re talking about?

If you think about it, trees are kind of like people. Each tree grows in a somewhat different way and has its own special features. So, for each tree, a different method of removal is required, and tree felling is one method among several.

Now your next question may be: “What method of tree removal in Ottawa is the suitable one for my tree?” Don’t worry, we have an answer to that question too!

The Four Different Types of Tree Removal

arborist cutting treeAs mentioned above, different trees require different methods of removal.

The first method is removal by felling, which is the most common method. Felling a tree is a standard approach that calls for specialized workers to make calculated cuts at the base of the tree until the tree falls.

The next method is removal by climbing. As the name suggests, workers set up a rigging cable and climb the tree, beginning the process of removal from the top first rather than the bottom. This method is more time-consuming than felling but is used if there’s no space for the tree in question to fall safely.

The bucket method is similar to the climbing method, but instead of having workers climb the tree, they’re lifted by a bucket truck (also known as a cherry picker). This method is useful if the tree is rotting and cannot support the weight of the workers.

The final method is crane removal. This method is used if the arborist has determined that the felling, climbing, and bucket methods are too dangerous. Crane removal cuts out the workers’ direct involvement in the removal process since the crane just pulls out the tree from the tree. This option is only used if no other methods can be done because it requires attentive planning and special equipment.

Planning a Tree Removal in Ottawa

tree and chainsawWe’ve established the different methods of tree removal, but what factors go into deciding which method to use?

Before even going near a saw, tree experts examine the tree that needs to be removed and determines the best method of removal. The 3 main factors that influence the type of removal required are the height, width, and lean of a tree.

Next, the direction of fall is estimated. If there are structures nearby, such as utility lines and buildings, then their proximity to the tree is measured. If it’s determined that a tree cannot safely make the fall, the felling method is no longer recommended.

If a tree can safely fall, then the fall zone is cleared of any potential hazards and anyone not directly involved in the tree removal is moved away for safety.

Typically, the fall zone is the area surrounding the tree with its radius being double the height of the tree.

Only once everything is cleared and all equipment is double-checked, can the removal process begin.

chainsaw next to treeProfessional & Reliable Tree Removal in Ottawa

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