Spring is the best season to hire an arborist!

But before we address WHY this is true, let’s address why you need a professional to take care of your trees in Ottawa in the first place.

Trees and shrubs can increase the value of your property significantly and even help you save on hydro bills every month.

Therefore, tree care should not be seen as a service, but as an investment

Why is Spring the Best Season to Hire an Arborist in Ottawa?

ottawa house and yard with treesRegardless of the type of property you own, you will need someone to maintain, trim, prune and look after your trees and shrubs on a regular basis.

Arborists can also remove those trees or stumps that, on top of being an eyesore, can pose a risk to your employees or loved ones. 

Although tree care is sometimes considered a DIY job, it is better to be safe than sorry. Every month, lots of property owners in Ottawa contact their local arborist after attempting tree maintenance by themselves. Tree care is not only a time and energy-consuming job, but can also be a dangerous one. 

Arborists are trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of individual trees. Thanks to their expertise and skills, tree care professionals can plant, remove, prune or trim any given tree or shrub.

What’s more, spring is a great season to hire an arborist. Scroll down to learn why. 

Reasons to Contact an Arborist in Spring

Spring is the time of the year when trees can grow new life and recover from the long, cold Ottawa winter.

If you care about your property, you should hire a reliable arborist to maintain your yard as soon as possible. Below are the three top reasons to invest on a tree care service this month:

1 – Inspections and Maintenance

ottawa arborist's safety equipmentTrees and shrubs are easier to inspect and maintain straight after the dormant season.

A thorough examination can help identify dead or decaying branches, as well as damage by pests or diseases.

2 – Trimming and Pruning

Spring is the perfect season to get rid of the branches damaged by the winter storms.

If left unattended, broken branches can fall over your property and cause severe harm to people.

Additionally, spring is great for restoring the good shape and structure of the trees, bringing their vibrant beauty back.

3 – Tree Removal 

Although dead trees can be removed throughout the whole year, it is best to take them down before they pose a greater risk.

Snow damaged trees are difficult to recover, so if they fail to regrow in early spring, you should get them removed from your yard. 

How to Hire an Arborist in Ottawa

arborist working on tree in ottawa

If you need a local, reliable tree care service, it would be our pleasure to be your chosen arborist in Ottawa.

At Croft Tree Experts, we offer the highest quality service at competitive prices. From urban backyards to large, suburban lots, we will take care of your property while remaining on budget.

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