Trees bring lots of benefit and beauty to your property, and it can be hard to part with them.

However, a tree that might seem healthy to the untrained eye, together with the winter storms, can be a recipe for disaster.

Decaying or hazardous trees lead to thousands of dollars in damage every year in Ottawa, so you’d rather be safe than sorry this year. 

When is the Best Moment to Say Goodbye to your Trees?

Tree removal is generally the last resort, when pruning or disease mitigation is not enough.

However, you should not wait until a storm or the heavy snow exposes your tree’s vulnerabilities.

house with trees in ottawa winterAs a property owner in Ottawa, you are liable for any damage or injury that takes place when a tree that should have been taken down previously is still standing. 

But do not panic! You can usually tell if a tree is struggling by assessing its trunk, branches, roots and location. Below are some red flags to look for that suggest that your tree should be examined by a certified arborist and potentially cut off.

It’s Time to Call a Tree Care Professional if…

You see big, dead branches in the tree’s crown

Also called widow-makes, these branches can fall unexpectedly and seriously injure whoever is around.

If half of the tree is dead or damaged, be sure to get it removed. 

There are signs of infection

house with trees in ottawa winter

Look for soft crumbly wood, cracks, discoloured or misshapen leaves, or whether the appearance of fungi may indicate your tree is infected.

Also, be sure to call an arborist if you spot woodpeckers feeding heavily on the tree or emergence holes. 

Your tree is not growing properly

Compare your tree with other trees growing around it and look for discoloured foliage, stunted growth and thin leaf cover. 

The trunk is compromised or hollow

Crack, splits, and large wounds indicate internal decay.

Some trees can handle it and remain standing for a while, but it’s just a matter of time before they eventually fall. 

house with trees in ottawa winter

The tree is under power lines or close to a house or other type of property

Trees that grow into power lines or are less than 20 feet away from other houses or buildings can become a hazard and may need to be removed. 

The Advantages or Removing your Trees Now

You don’t need to wait until the cold season is over to say goodbye to your trees.

Actually, getting your trees removed now can save you time and money. Winter makes it easier to access trees, as the ground is firmer. This will reduce the collateral damage to your existing turf and landscape. Arborists are also less busy in winter, so you will benefit from a shorter turnaround.

We can perform tree removal in Ottawa on winter days so long as we have safe access to the tree.

If you have been postponing the tree removal procedure, now is a good time to upgrade your green space. Contact us today to find our more and book your Ottawa tree removal service.