The possibilities are endless!

Landscaping plays a key role in the overall beauty of a property, and you want to make sure your redesign goes off on time and on budget.

If you are thinking of landscaping to transform your green space in Ottawa to enjoy it for years to come, you’re headed in a good direction. Give your yard the finish it deserves!

The Many Benefits of Landscaping

ottawa house with great landscaping & trees

There are two main economic reasons for landscaping.

First, it will increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential purchasers. As a result, your home is far more likely to spend less time on market.

Second, redesigning your property can help reduce heating and cooling costs. Shade in the summer from trees, and retained warmth in the winter.

When it comes to well-being reasons, landscaping can create a healthier atmosphere by filtering pollutants out and providing cleaner and fresher air, while increasing your privacy and decreasing your stress levels.

In addition, spicing up your yard will keep the family fit by fostering an active and outdoorsy lifestyle.

Landscaping is also beneficial for the environment. For starters, a well-designed yard will reduce storm water runoff by reducing local flooding. It will also help control extreme temperatures and will reduce loss of soil in waterways while preventing evaporation and soil degradation.

But there is more to landscaping! Investing on your green space has also social benefits. A professionally designed yard will reduce heat and noise, providing an attractive environment for family time or relaxing on your own.

Ottawa Landscaping Advice

ottawa house with great landscaping & treesTo start with, you need to have a landscaping plan.

What’s on the big picture? Before going any further, you need to know the purpose of investing in your yard.

For optimal results when it comes to the trees, hedges and shrubs on your property, get hold of a tree care specialist in Ottawa.

Landscaping does not have to leave you in the red, but you need to determine a realistic budget before you start working on the project.

Once you know how much you can spend on redesigning your property, chose a focal point. Good and effective design will always include an element that will catch your visitors’ eye, such as a fountain.

When redesigning your yard, add plants in increments and in moderation, as you will soon be overwhelmed with the maintenance required. Instead, try to find pieces of furniture to create the desired environment. Just make sure that all the elements in your property work well together.

new tree planted landscapingYour new project should under no circumstances neglect your front yard. If you blow your entire budget on your back yard, you might end up reducing the appeal of your property and annoying your neighbours.

Thinking long term is key when it comes to redoing your landscaping, so please, do consider maintenance and upkeep.

Landscaping Tree Experts in Ottawa

Remember that qualified arborists are here to help.

While you might want to try the DIY approach, counting on tree care specialists for your landscaping from the start will save you lots of time and money.

Contact Croft Tree Experts today to find out how we can help with your Ottawa landscaping needs when it comes to trees, hedges, shrubbery and more.