So you’re handy with tools.

You own a chainsaw. You’ve got some rope, maybe an axe or two. And you figure you can save a few bucks by doing your own tree removal in Ottawa.

Times are tight for everyone, after all, and every dollar counts.

But is the savings worth it?

When you weigh the risk vs. reward in the DIY tree removal equation, your best bet is to hire the pros at a trusted Ottawa tree removal service.

Read on to find out why.

Ottawa Tree Removal: Reasons to Cut Down a Tree

homeowner with chainsaw removing treeWhether you’re a homeowner or property manager, trees are an important part of your property maintenance and property aesthetics. Trees are also beneficial for the community as a whole, providing oxygen and adding to the green canopy in an increasingly developed Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Sometimes, however, tree removal becomes necessary.

Tree removal is warranted when:

  • A dead tree is on your property
  • A tree is sick (beyond saving) or dying
  • A tree threatens harm to person and/or damage to property
  • You need to make space or clear an area

In some cases, before proceeding with tree removal, you will need a City of Ottawa Tree Removal Permit (or a permit from the municipality in which you reside or own/manage property). Not adhering to local bylaws can be costly, so whatever you decide to do regarding your chosen method of tree removal, make sure you follow your local government’s tree removal guidelines or this will end up being a costly venture).

DIY Tree Removal in Ottawa: Is It Worth the Risk

homeowner with chainsaw removing treeOkay, so let’s say you’ve got a dead tree in the yard, you’ve looked into the City of Ottawa Tree Removal bylaws and you’re all set on that front.

Now it’s time for tree removal.

And let’s say you’re of the mindset that a job like this is worth giving a go on your own.

Is it?

Well…. Maybe.

Have you ever cut down a tree before? If you have, and you feel confident that you’ll be able to do so again, then DIY might just be the right way for you to go.

If you’re taking on tree removal on your own, we want you to be extremely cautious and safe.

Please be sure that:

  • you’ve got the right equipment
  • you’re not doing this job alone (‘volunteer’ friends or family)
  • you’re not threatening injury to person and/or damage to property
  • you take your time and use caution and good judgment (“measure twice, cut once” as the saying goes)

But what about the ambitious homeowner or property manager who’s taking on a tree removal project for the first time? Jump right in?

homeowner with chainsaw removing treeWhoa, partner, easy there… not so fast.

In addition to the steps listed above, there are some additional precautions you’ll want to take and some valid points of concern you’ll want to address before taking on that DIY tree removal project.

  • Do you have ALL the tools & equipment needed to fell a tree successfully?
  • What’s the biggest object you’ve ever cut before? (either with an axe, saw, chainsaw, etc.)?
  • How comfortable are you working at heights?
  • Would you say you’re a very handy person? Where would you rank your dexterity and big-tool handiness, on a scale of 1-10?
  • What is your propensity for risk versus reward?
  • What is your annual home maintenance budget and how much will you potentially stand to “save” by performing this tree removal task on your own?

These are just some of the considerations you’ll want to take into account before attempting tree removal on your own.

Ottawa Tree Removal Handled Correctly by a Professional Tree Service

The relative cost “savings” of DIY tree removal might be not nearly as much as you think.

First off, the cost of tree removal equipment and tools (purchase and/or rental) is substantial. Weight these versus a one-off cost of Ottawa tree removal – which, when done with Croft Tree Experts is quite affordable.

Next up – and this is a BIG one – is the risk of tree removal going off the rails versus the reward of a successful DIY tree removal. If any part of the tree removal process takes a turn for the worse, things can get costly fast… AND the consequences of personal injury are pretty intense.

That’s why most homeowners choose professional Ottawa tree removal from Croft Tree Experts as the best option.

With certified arborists on staff, Croft Tree Experts are a leader in tree services including Ottawa tree removal. 

Contact us today to book our professional service for your tree removal in Ottawa or nearby communities.