With the onset of summer, many Ottawa homeowners and property managers are busily tending to their landscaping and property beautification.

Lawns, hedges, bushes and trees get the royal treatment as it’s their time to shine in the sun.

With such a short window not only to enjoy warm weather here in Eastern Ontario but to take care of our homes and property, summer is – as you can imagine – the busiest time of year for Ottawa arborists.

Why is that? And how can an arborist help you?

That’s what we’ll explore in this edition of the Croft Tree Experts Ottawa Arborist blog.

How Ottawa Arborists Help with Tree Removal & Other Tree Services

ottawa residential property with treesAn arborist, by definition, is a specialist in the art & science of tree care.

Arborists are different from landscapers in that we focus on trees – though here at Croft Tree Experts, our Ottawa tree services extend to caring for hedges and bushes as well.

Arborists also bring points of distinction in that we have studied and trained in arboriculture. Our experience is deeply rooted (pardon the pun) in:

  • Planting trees
  • Growing trees
  • Pruning trees
  • And, when necessary, tree removal or tree felling

As experienced Ottawa arborists, we’re proud to have served thousands of clients across the region to enhance the aesthetics and value of their homes and properties through tree services.

In addition, hiring an arborist brings the added value of safety to every tree project we perform.

We handpick our tree care team members and provide them with the utmost in safety training – then back it up with full insurance coverage & WSIB compliance. Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of your family, our team and your property.

Arborists in Ottawa: Summertime is Our Prime Time (But We’re Here Year-Round)

removing a tree in OttawaAs you can imagine, summer brings a rush of business for Ottawa arborists.

While we begin our annual tree services as soon as the snow and ice have melted, the reality for many people is that they begin to notice their yards and property later into the springtime and summer months. As the focus shifts to the outdoors, people see the projects that need to be tackled: this includes tree pruning, hedge trimming and other Ottawa tree care needs.

Also, spring and summer storms bring a demand for tree pruning, branch trimming and tree removal in Ottawa.

The combination of all this means that, by the time June and July roll around, our phone is ringing off the hook (and plenty of contact form submissions and emails, too).

ottawa residential property with treesThat’s why we encourage you to book ahead, when possible, for our Ottawa arborist services.

While we’re happy to accommodate most any request, summer months can mean a bit of a backlog for arborists in Ottawa.

How Croft Tree Experts Help with Ottawa Arborist Services

If you have an emergency tree removal request – such as a tree threatening the safety of your home, property and people – please call us so that we can come out ASAP to provide your quote and tree removal as needed.

If you’re reading this article in the fall, winter or spring, that’s often a great time for us to visit your property, give you a free estimate on tree removal or tree pruning, and – so long as the snow hasn’t accumulated yet or it’s already melted – perform the tree service(s) that you need.

Contact us today to find out more about our Ottawa arborist & tree care services – and to get your FREE quote.