Are you considering tree stump removal in Ottawa?

Do you have a tree stump on your property that is the remnant of tree cutting or tree removal?

What about tree root removal?

It turns out that many people just cut a tree down or have their Ottawa tree removed, but don’t consider the benefits of tree stump removal or root removal – or the consequences of not doing this.

Tree Removal vs. Tree Stump Removal in Ottawa

Okay, so you’ve cut down a tree or hired the pros for Ottawa tree removal.

That makes enough sense on its own.

Maybe the tree was sick, dying or dead.

Perhaps the tree removal took place because of potential threat or impact to person, structure and/or property.

Or maybe you needed the space for building or landscaping purposes and thus carried out tree removal (hopefully with a City of Ottawa tree removal permit if needed!).

But what about the remains on your property after the tree removal was finished?

Tree stump removal and tree root removal are, it turns out, not the same thing as tree removal.

Let’s take a closer look at these different services.

Ottawa Tree Stump Removal – What’s Involved, How It Helps

Sometimes people assume that tree stump removal is part of the package when a tree or trees on their property are cut down as part of Ottawa tree removal services.

While both services fall under the auspices of a professional arborist, felling a tree and removing a tree stump involve different actions and different equipment.

After a tree has been felled and its branches cut up and taken off your property, the remaining tree stump sits on your property. You’ve probably seen this – the tree rings are exposed nearly at the top, like a slice, while the rest of the tree stump goes right into the ground.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

Tree stumps are, to put in frankly, ugly. It detracts from the overall aesthetics of your property.

Tree stumps can also be a danger to people and to pets; anyone walking or running nearby could trip and fall. It’s also in the way of mowing the lawn.

After a while, as the saying goes, “life finds a way.” You’ll see new growth on and around the tree stump. That includes weeds, moss, fungi and/or mold. Not ideal.

Ottawa tree stump removal alleviates all of these risks.

We remove the stump, grind it up into wood chips, and can either leave those for you or take them away.

What About Professional Tree Root Removal in Ottawa?

Ottawa Tree Root Removal is yet again a separate service from tree stump removal & tree removal.

Yes, all three are connected, of course: The tree, the stump and the roots.

Even after tree removal and tree stump removal in Ottawa have taken place, the tree roots remain.

Tree root growth largely takes place underground. Until it doesn’t – and then, it might be too late.

Tree roots growth can get unruly and impact other trees and vegetation around it. And yet again, tree roots above ground can also make the lawn unsightly and get in the way of lawn mowing.

That’s why Ottawa tree root removal is an effective part of your property maintenance and landscaping strategy.

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