Arborists are qualified individuals who specialize in the care of trees.

As a result of the training, arborists are knowledgeable about trees and their specific needs. However, that is not the only reason to hire an arborist in Ottawa: proper tree care is an investment that will add considerable value to your property.

Since tree removal can be an extremely dangerous task, it should be reserved only for the professionals. Arborists are also experts in tree pruning, trimming and other tree services.

Call a Certified Arborist

Arborists are individuals who have been trained in the art and science of taking care of trees.

Only high-skilled arborists hold an ISA certification, after going through a nongovernmental and voluntary process in order to document their base of knowledge.

These professionals have passed a comprehensive examination developed by some of the country’s leading experts on tree care.


Which Services Do Arborists Provide?


From planting to trimming, arborists can do pretty much anything related to the maintenance of the trees.

Here are some examples of the tasks taken on by certified arborists in Ottawa:

• Planting: arborists will recommend you the best type of trees for your yard
• Tree Health Care: they will keep any insects or diseases at bay
• Pruning: tree professionals will improve the appearance and health of your trees
• Tree Removal: Sometimes, it’s just necessary!
• Emergency Tree Care: Our Ottawa arborists will make sure any dangerous tree is removed in a safe manner

With all these services available, is an arborist right for you?


Reasons to Hire an Arborist

Trees need proper care in order to stay healthy and vibrant.

Below are some reasons to hire a Certified Arborist in Ottawa:

• They are trained in proper tree care
• Their knowledge will help you enhance the value of your property
• Arborist are the only ones who can work on trees safely
• They are equipped with the proper tools for the job
• Arborists can handle storm damage

You can see that arborists have a versatile and valuable contribution to tree care.

Why Hire an Arborist Instead of DIY? 

In our Do It Yourself culture, we tend to forget that sometimes it’s best to contact an expert.

In addition, cheap services can turn into expensive decisions (and some awful consequences) in the long run.

When hiring a tree professional, you can be sure that his/her training has been extensive and is up to date.

To maintain the certification, arborists have to complete ongoing tests. Thanks to their knowledge, they can advise a home-owners on situations they might have not noticed.

Arborists can also help you avert future problems.

On top of that, our arborists are backed by a company that is fully licensed and insured, so you have the peace of mind that any incidents on your property will be covered.

Have you heard any stories about non-insured workers who claimed injuries while on a job? It can get ugly, fast.



Hire a Certified Arborist Today

If you love your property – residential or commercial – leave it in good hands.

Tree care should always be carried away by professionals!

Certified arborists will prune, trim or remove trees in a safe manner.

We can give you expert advice on insect and tree disease prevention and plant the trees that suit your property best.

Contact Croft Tree Experts in Ottawa today to find out more about our certified arborist services.