Did you know that a fallen tree on your property poses a variety of threats? 

Power lines could have been damaged, and the tree itself could be lying precariously, inviting pests or even causing fire.

Make sure you get it removed from your property as soon as possible in order to avoid further trouble!

The Dangers & Undesirables of Fallen Trees on Your Property

fallen tree near woods on propertyFallen trees can result in thousands of dollars in damage. In addition, they can pose a huge risk to you and your beloved ones.

Believe it or not, fallen trees become more and more dangerous as time goes on.

In other words, the longer you procrastinate, the bigger risk they will represent.

People should always stay away from fallen trees, regardless of their size, and leave it to the professionals to deal with them. 

Fallen Trees Pose an Inherent Risk

tree fallen in between housesNo tree stands forever.

If a tree falls on your property, quick removal is a necessity to maintain a safe environment for your family, pets, guests and neighbours.

A tree that touches a power line can cause shock hazards, power outages and fires. Downed power lines are extremely dangerous, so you should always assume that they are live.

Stay away from the tree & power line – under no circumstances you should try to remove a portion of the tree yourself!

In case of fire, remember that the smallest flames can easily spread to nearby trees or buildings.

Life Finds a Way – Even in Fallen Trees

tree fallen onto roof of houseTrees can fall for many different reasons.

A common cause for fallen trees in and around Ottawa is weather. Whether it’s a heavy snowfall or ice storm in the wintertime, or a summer storm with high winds or lightning strokes, trees are most certainly exposed to a variety of natural climate phenomena. 

Other times, trees can just get old and fall apart in a natural way.

Yet even if a tree is dead, there will still be life in it. Why?

Animals may take shelter inside it, insects could tunnel into the wood and, most likely, moss and fungi will grow on the trunk.

Since these are all less than desirable things to have on your property, you’ll want to have that fallen tree removed.

What to do When a Tree Falls on Your Property

If a tree happens to fall on your property, the first thing you need to do is to leave the affected area as soon as possible, through the safest possible route. Hopefully, none of us will have to deal with a tree falling on our property. However, everyone needs an evacuation plan to exit their home as quickly as safe as possible in case luck is not on their side. Make sure you practice the plan with your family and forget about the rest. 

Afterwards, call the emergency services, who will make sure the house is safe.

Then, get hold of your insurance company to determine if the emergency is covered.

And finally, contact us! Tree removal is one of our most popular services. But that is not all! We are also renowned in Ottawa for our tree cutting services.