If your trees suffered last winter due to extreme conditions, don’t make the same mistake again. We all know that winters in Ottawa can be unforgiving, and you can’t expect young trees to make it without a scratch if you don’t help them.

Bear in mind that low temperatures aren’t the only challenge young trees face during winter. There are many other ways winter can harm your woody plants and even destroy them totally. Luckily, as experienced Ottawa tree service providers, we are willing to share some useful advice to help you protect your plants.

Biggest Winter Challenges in Ottawa

house with trees in snowAs long-time Ottawa arborists, we know what the winter challenges in Ottawa and the whole province of Ontario are:

  • When they are running low on other food during winter, animals like rabbits, mice, or deer chew on twigs, leaves, and bark.
  • During the day, the sun can heat up the bark of the tree, and when the temperature drops at sunset, the low temperature can cause cracks.
  • Warmer weather during winter can cause the plants to break dormancy ahead of time and get destroyed entirely by the next cold wave.
  • Weak plant tissues can get damaged with early cold temperatures.
  • Due to frozen soil, plants can’t get enough water.

Here are some tips to help protect your plants and trees for the winter.

Prune Your Plants

Give your young trees a good start to the winter season by pruning them. Make sure to clean them of any deadwood and look for a guide on the best ways to prune the species you have.

In case some branches or limbs are in your way of hitting your windows, make sure to cable, brace and trim them so that they are stable.

Give Your Trees The Water They Need Before Winter Strikes

watering plants & treesThroughout the whole autumn, make sure to water down your trees really well. This is particularly important for young trees. Of course, don’t do this if the ground has frozen over and the winter has already started.

Water is an excellent insulator, and it can protect plant cells by hydrating them, which will make them more resistant to cold temperatures. On top of that, moist soil is generally warmer, and it can make roots stronger and give them added protection.

Protect the Trunk of Your trees

tree trunk on residential propertyThe tree trunk can get really damaged during winter due to fluctuating temperatures. When the sun is out, it can wake up the trunk cells and make them active. However, during nighttime, when temperatures are freezing, all the conductive tissues and active cells will get killed.

This is called “Sunscald” and can cause severe damage. This is why you need to wrap the trunks with crepe paper wrap just underneath the branches. Overlap each layer by a third to provide better insulation and remove the wraps when the winter is over.

Croft Tree Can Help

Winter maintenance is a part of our Ottawa tree service, and you should also track the progress of your trees during this period. If you see a lot of ice, you can hose it down with warm water. In case there are snow deposits, make sure to gently flick it off with your hands.

Contact us today for professional care for your trees, including tree pruning & trimming and tree removal in Ottawa.