Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in Ottawa! Leaves, wind, chilly weather, pumpkin spice, and warm scarves are all tell-tales of this gorgeous season.

If you’re a homeowner or property manager in Ottawa, you know the value and importance of taking care of your lawn. Keeping your yard in tip-top shape and preparing it for the upcoming seasons are probably at or near the top of your list of home care priorities. 

Another thing that autumn brings with it is the last possible time of the year you could do some hefty yard work, so let’s get to it!

Here are some handy tips you can employ to prepare your lawn, garden and property for the upcoming winter and into next spring.

Use Proper Equipment

man raking yardThe most important part of anything you can be doing around the house and the yard is using proper equipment to do the job quickly – and do it well!

You can’t cut your grass with a pair of scissors, so be sure to stock up on supplies that you need to make your lawn gorgeous.

Now, you don’t need a set of professional arborist tools to do a good job. Just some proper hedge clippers for cleaning up the bushes, a good weed-whacker, a shovel, and a rake should do the job.

Prepare with End Goal in Mind

fall leaves on tree and on lawn

Before you start cleaning up your lawn, you need to prepare it. You can’t clean your gorgeous lawn, and then right after throw manure on the roses, now, can you?

Prepare beforehand to make your job that much easier. If you are planning on some more serious work, you should make sure that the leaves are raked and the grass is cut!

Time to Clean Up the Yard!

After you’ve gotten yourself the proper equipment, you should start the cleaning process. Like tackling any other daunting task, the best way to clean your yard up is to divide it into smaller tasks based on priority.

If you have an old shed that you don’t really need anymore, and it’s a sore sight in your yard, consider taking it down now (much easier now than in the winter).

Make a plan and stick to it. Sometimes the cleaning process can entail making a mess beforehand, so tear anything you need to down now, and clean the whole thing up after that.

For Trees & Hedges, Consider Hiring an Arborist

man raking lawn near tree

If there are some very nasty shrubs you need to remove or a tree that is ruining the look of your yard, you should consider hiring a professional arborist to do the job for you.

Not everyone has the time to maintain their lawn, let alone give them a deep and thorough cleaning. Tearing down trees can not only be a tedious task but can be dangerous!

You should consider hiring a professional to take care of any wild shrubs that are out of control, nasty looking trees, stumps, and roots.

How Croft Tree Experts Can Help

If you are based in Ottawa, Croft Tree Experts can take care of a wide variety of tree and hedge needs. We offer professional arborist services such as:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Mulching
  • Tree Planting

Contact us today to find out more & book an appointment with a trusted Ottawa tree care company with great customer reviews.