If you are planning to add or alter trees on your property in the Ottawa area, you need to ask a few questions. For example: why, what, where, when, how, and who.

In this edition of the Croft Tree Experts blog, we’ll identify and address those questions, to help you plan and plant trees with a successful strategy in mind.

Why do you want to add or alter trees on your property?

Perhaps you want to improve the appearance of your property.

Do you want more shade in the summer, but still want sun in the winter? Do you want trees for privacy?

Do you want to attract more birds? Do you want fruit trees? Do you want to add trees, or transplant or remove existing trees?

Consider how the trees will function through the seasons, and what effect they will have. 

What are the best choices for trees in the Ottawa area?

small bird sitting on tree branchGenerally, trees that are native to the area are more likely to survive and thrive. There are pros and cons to planting deciduous (leafy) versus coniferous (evergreen) trees, native or non-native.

What do you need the trees to do?

Consider the potential height and width of the trees when fully grown, how they will appear, and what attention they will require.

Where should I plant the trees on my property?

What type of soil do you need, and what is the depth needed? What about access to water and drainage? What about proximity to other plants, buildings, overhead wires?

Will the roots eventually pose a risk to foundations, pipes, or septic systems?

Consider the locations carefully, to avoid regrets, expensive repairs, or replanting later on.

When should I plant, transplant, or remove trees?

Are you planting new trees? Transplanting, reshaping, or removing established trees? When should these activities be completed?

Is dormancy an issue? What about pruning or trimming; are there risks? What about fertilizing? Is there any need for spraying or guarding against pests?

Consider the best times for these activities, and plan accordingly.

How should I prepare for planting or transplanting?

fruit tree on residential propertyAre the soil type, depth, and locations suitable? Are mechanical equipment and helpers needed to excavate and hoist because of the size of the trees and root balls?

What type of soil (and how much) is needed to back-fill the planting holes? What starter fertilizer is needed in the soil mix?

When, how much, and how often to water after planting? What is needed to support the tree stems until fully established? Is any protection needed against weather or vermin?

Consider these questions carefully, so that you can be prepared before you begin the planting.

Whom should I ask these questions? Why, Croft Tree Experts in Ottawa, of course!

You need reliable answers to these questions, to improve your chances for success.

A trained, certified, licensed arborist, experienced with the Ottawa area, will give you the best advice and service for this valuable investment in your property.

Croft Tree Experts provide the Ottawa region with quality tree care and arborist services, ensuring that your tree needs are met safely and efficiently. 

Contact us today to find out how our arborist services can benefit your trees, your property and your home!