Summer is a great time to tackle Ottawa tree removal and trimming. Take advantage of those long, sunny days to tidy up your property: Clear away dead branches, fallen trees and debris. Not only will you be making your home look its best, you’ll also be preventing disease and encouraging new growth in your trees and shrubs.

After the intense spring rain, your whole yard may look overgrown.  Now is the time to lighten and brighten.  As well, large trees that have been through severe windstorms and tornadoes are not as strong and healthy as they might appear, and may be unstable.

Summer tree trimming and removal will ensure that your trees and lawn stay in great looking shape and are healthy.

Decide What Needs to be Cleared

arbosirst works up in treeBefore you begin trimming or removing trees and shrubs, it’s important to assess your needs. Here are a few tips to consider when you are deciding on what work to do.  Ask yourself do I need to:

  • clear between trees and hazards
  • remove large branches
  • control insects, disease
  • improve shape, structure of trees & shrubs
  • encourage new growth
  • reduce unwanted shade on lawn
  • clear out fallen, dead trees

Now some of these may seem like tasks you could take on yourself. Maybe. If you’re handy, have the necessary gear and time, and are willing to take on the risks. But is that worth it?

Consult with an Arborist/Tree Specialist

arborist trims dead tree branchesOnce you have established that the work needs to be done, care must be taken. You could remove too much from a tree or shrub, and put it under significant stress and potentially reduce its life, or increase the risk of disease in an otherwise healthy tree.

The safest option is to get an arborist in to inspect the damage on your property, give you a quote and evaluate your best strategy. An accredited arborist can make informed decisions about tree care.

As well, an experienced Ottawa arborist is familiar with our climate and zones and so knows best what needs trimming and removing. Conifers may need dead or diseased branches or patches of brown foliage removed, while deciduous trees, such as maple, birch or fruit trees may need overgrowth corrected in late summer. An arborist is qualified to tackle whatever your property needs. Factors to consider are the proximity to:

  • buildings
  • power lines
  • fences
  • public footpaths
  • sidewalks
  • streets
  • neighbour’s property

Handling a big job like this can be risky, as well as being a major undertaking, particularly if branches and trees are high or inaccessible. You can damage healthy trees or even easily slip and injure yourself.  Tree experts will come in with the right safety equipment: chainsaws, ladders, protective clothing & ropes.

So, both for the health of your trees and your own safety, it makes sense to get the help of a qualified, reputable Ottawa arborist.

Site clearance, trimming and cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs is a great summer project so your property is tidy and your lawn healthy all summer long. 

Why not take action while the sun shines! You’ll be glad you did…and so will your yard (and neighbours).

Contact Croft Tree Experts today to set up a time for an inspection and quote.