When you have fallen trees, limbs & branches, debris and dead or wind-damaged trees on your property, certified Ottawa arborists can properly assess the damage and take the appropriate action. Most damage occurs when branches or trees fall, either on your own property or your neighbour’s property. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s important to bring in the professionals in these situations.

Why Hire an Arborist for Proper Tree Removal?

trees knocked down by wind storm or tornadoTrees are an investment: not only do they add beauty and value to any property, they are environmentally beneficial. But trees need maintenance. Besides the impact of pests, disease and time, trees face harsh environmental conditions. Branches weaken with high winds, snow and ice accumulation in winter.

Summer storms can bring heavy rain that can saturate soil and weaken tree roots. Ottawa has faced exceptional weather conditions: damaging winds, heavy snow falls, ice storms, tornadoes and flooding. Violent storms and intense winds toppled more than 1200 trees on municipal property in Ottawa in summer 2018 and this does not include the many that were destroyed on private property. Conditions that have left residents with debris, broken branches and uprooted trees. In these cases, the damage is irreparable and possibly hazardous.

Besides being unsightly on your property, fallen branches and dead trees can pose a danger to people and property. They can cause damage to overhead power lines, foundations, roofs, cars and other structures.

Does the Tree Need to Be Removed?

wind or tornado has caused tree to fall in front of houseThe decision to cut down a tree is not to be taken lightly. However, when you are faced with damaged and uprooted trees from destructive storms, tree removal is inevitable.

It takes an expert on local conditions to assess and evaluate the best course of action in each situation, which is why our certified Ottawa arborists are the most qualified to meet the specific needs of your property.

When faced with the need for tree removal, a trusted certified arborist familiar specifically with the Ottawa area is key. It is important to realize that tree removal is a major undertaking. Not only is it highly technical, it is also dangerous and difficult work and should not be attempted by the inexperienced. An arborist can review your property, look for any issues that have resulted from damaging storms and severe weather and offer you options.

You’ll want to be able to trust that tree removal on your property will be done in a safe manner by experienced staff who are trained in the latest techniques and technology and are using the latest equipment. They can assess your needs and trim or remove trees safely and expertly.

Count on Croft Tree for Quality Tree Removal & Trimming

If you need tree removal or trimming, call on Croft Tree Experts. We can expertly evaluate the damage and provide options. We have the experience, knowledge and skill to remove branches, debris, fallen, damaged or dead trees in a safe and timely manner.

Croft Tree Experts are the Ottawa tree removal pros who offer the best in tree care. We are:

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