Do you have a tree or tree stump on your property that needs to be removed? Are you considering removing it yourself?

If so, there are some words of caution you may want to heed.

Oh sure, it’s tempting to take on a task like that – if you’re handy and you have the equipment.

But is it really worth the risk?


Working at Heights: Risky DIY Tree Felling

Okay, so you’ve got a big tree in your yard that needs to come down. Maybe it’s diseased. Maybe it’s dead. Maybe you just need the space for something else. Whatever the needs may be, you’ve taken a look at this tree, assessed the situation, and said to yourself, “I’ve got this.”

Maybe you do… or maybe you don’t.

If you have a ladder, a chainsaw, some ropes and a truck, it might seem like just the kind of task you’re cut out for.

The inherent dangers of doing this, however, are worth discussing.

  • You could fall off the ladder – The fall is bad enough, but falling with a moving chainsaw in hand is even worse! Imagine what all could go wrong in this scenario. You could cause some serious damage, either to property or, worse yet, hurting yourself or someone else.
  • You could lose control of the chainsaw – Trying to balance on a ladder and reach out to cut a limb from a tree puts you in a precarious position when trying to manoeuvre a chainsaw. Again, risk of damage or serious injury is a big factor here.
  • The tree could damage your house – Even if you may think you’ve got full control of the situation, we’ve seen too many instances where a tree fell in a different direction than the homeowner had anticipated, damaging home, property, vehicles, etc.


Risk vs Reward: What Are the Costs?

In these three scenarios, let’s weigh the cost of hiring a professional versus all of the potential costs you could suffer should things go awry.

Professional services could be as low as a few hundred dollars, maybe $500-$600. Does this seem like a lot. Maybe… but not if you consider the alternatives.

Damage to your property could easily put you well into the thousands. Even if you’re insured, and even if it’s considered a coverable incident (it might not be, if the insurance company deems it self-inflicted), the deductible and subsequent premium increases would be exponentially more than the cost of hiring the pros.

Then there are the medical expenses and cost of missing work, etc. Even though we’re in Canada and have basic medical coverage, an injury caused by falling or by chainsaw could have financial and physical ramifications that you’d feel for years.


What About the Stump? That’s Easy, No?

Well… yes and no.

You could hook the stump up with some ropes and try to tow it away with your truck.

But the stump is more than what’s above the surface. It could weigh more than the towing capacity of your truck, especially when considering the resistance it has by being rooted into the ground. The chains could break, becoming a flying hazard. The truck could also be propelled off the ground. That could cause some serious repair bills.

Not worth the $$$ or the hassle!




Hire the Tree Removal Pros in Ottawa!

Avoid the hassle, the risks of damage, bodily harm and financial impact.

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