That’s usually the sound people associate when they picture a big tree being cut down. How about the image that goes with it? Perhaps you’re imagining a tall tree, redwood type maybe even, and a burly guy in a red plaid shirt, swinging an axe in one fell swoop at the trunk to bring down the whole tree a-fallin’? Tree-cutting cartoons are hilarious, but of course that’s not how professional tree-cutters actually cut down large trees. In this edition of the Croft Tree Experts blog, we’ll take an inside (well, outdoors but from insiders) look at how large trees are cut down.


Cutting Down Large Trees in Segments

Like most other big tasks, the best way to bring down a large tree is to divide it into segments. That’s what makes it a manageable, efficient and safe process.

Assess the Lay of the Land

The first step is to assess the landscape, as it were, looking at the tree itself as well as the surrounding area. Begin with the end in mind, as they say: Envision how the tree will end up on the ground, how big the segments will be, and how you will remove / dispose of it. And we’re always thinking of safety first, managing the entire project in a safe and professional manner.

Cut the Lower Limbs

We begin the actual cutting by starting with the lower limbs of the tree, using a chainsaw at ground level. Branches are then taken away from the area, giving us room to work with.

Working at Heights

Now it’s time to get vertical. We’ll use what’s needed – tripod ladders, telescoping ladders, etc. – to get up to the upper levels of the tree and dissect the limbs and branches. We’re using fall harnesses, ropes and other gear to ensure safe operations at all times. The process continues as we move around the tree, bearing in mind that gravity is a force well out of our control, and thus the importance of keeping the tree balanced while cutting it down. Eventually we remove the last segments from the middle of the tree, all the way down to the stump.

Removal of Branches & Leaves

We run much of the tree through the chipper, meaning we won’t have as much bulk to cart away. There will be some segments that we bundle and haul off on a trailer. Stump removal can also take place during this cleaning-up phase. The entire process, from arrival to removal, can go quite quickly.

Always with Safety in Mind

But of course, speed is not our main focus; that would be safety. We’ve established safe zones and danger zones from the get-go, and are always wearing protective personal equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, hard hats, steel-toed boots, etc. And we’re looking out for people and pets in the area, making sure your family stay completely safe while we are operating at your property.

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