So you’ve decided to get the services from Croft Tree Experts. Great Choice! Whether its tree removal, stump removal, or hedge trimming; we can provide an unmatched quality of tree services to protect and beautify your property. Our team of Certified Arborists and Forest Technicians bring the skills, knowledge and expertise in examining trees and give you the best advice to protect them. Call Croft Tree Experts and we’ll be there in no time. How do you ensure you’re ready when Croft Tree Experts are on their way? This guide should help you prepare for our tree experts to do what they do best.

Tree Removal

Although tree removal is an easy process, there are regulations in some cities to secure permits before cutting down a tree (regardless of the reason). In the City of Ottawa, on properties measuring one hectare or less, the removal of distinctive trees (private trees over 50 cm in diameter or 157 cm circumference) requires a permit. For these properties, if the tree is smaller than the aforementioned dimensions then no permit is needed. To secure a permit, you or your representative must apply at a Client Service Centre with the completed application form, the arborist report and $100 for the Distinctive Tree Permit fee.

For properties measuring more than one hectare, removal of trees with a diameter of 10 centimetres or 31.4 centimetres in circumference or more requires a City-approved Tree Conservation Report. The guidelines for creating this report are found on the City’s website.

Note that if the tree is straddling multiple properties, there must be an agreement between property owners to remove the tree before applying for a permit. The initial response to a tree removal permit request takes 15 days.

Tree Planting

Trees are essential to our environment because they provide oxygen, preserve soil, conserve water and offer a home to wildlife. If you love trees as much as we do, then Croft Tree Experts would like to help you plant more trees in your area. Just make sure to plan ahead of time where to plant the trees. That’s because hydro can have strict rules regarding utility lines and tree placement.

When planting any tree or hedge shorter than 25 feet, the safest distance is within 20 feet of hydro lines. If you plant within that zone, there’s a good possibility that the hydro provider or city officials will trim the tree or cut it down completely.

Ottawa Street and Park Trees

The City of Ottawa owns about 330,000 trees on city properties including the streets and public parks. Only city officials are allowed to prune or cut down trees located in these areas. Removal of tree stumps on public property is also the responsibility of the city. Should you notice any potential safety hazard from city trees, please call 3-1-1.

All other services

For tree pruning or trimming, stump removal or grinding, and hedge trimming; all we need are some basic information about your property, as well as the best day and time to give you our services. If you want to set a schedule for our visit, call Croft Tree experts 613-883-5611 or fill out this contact form and one of our experts will get in touch with you.