Due to potential hazards, sometimes trees need to be removed if they are diseased, damaged, too aged, infested, or simply because they have become too large for the area that they are in. It is important that tree removal is only performed by trained professionals because such a process can be tough and dangerous. Removing a large tree incorrectly could cause serious damage to your home.

The majority of tree removals in urban Ottawa areas necessitate the use of licensed and qualified arborists because of the approximation to structures such as power lines, roadways, and buildings. In many situations, a crane is used to facilitate the cutting of the tree piece by piece, as there is no space in the compact lot for the tree to fall.

In order to remove the tree or trees without causing damage to any of these structures, you need a uniquely skilled and experienced team to do the job. Not only do these removals require a unique skill set and experience, but they also necessitate the use of specialist heavy equipment that few people own. 

Croft Tree Experts is your local, highly preferred, Ottawa tree removal team. Offering 24/7 emergency services, Croft Tree Experts has your back when an unexpected crisis occurs that requires a tree expert’s help.

In Ottawa, by law, it is required that you have an Arborist Report in order to remove a tree that measures 50 centimetres or larger in diameter. Croft Tree Experts offers to consult on tree maintenance and removal as well as Arborist Reports to ensure that all of the technicalities of obtaining a permit are navigated correctly and quickly.

How Is A Tree Removed In Urban Ottawa?

Once you slog through all the municipal paperwork for having your tree removed, we are sure you will have some concern for how your home and properly will be protected during removal. In urban Ottawa, especially Centretown and similar neighbourhoods, there is no room to safely fell a tree in a backyard. Therefore, the processed called Climbing Removals must be used and Croft Tree are very experienced at successfully completing this method of tree removal. 

This involves having a worker climb the tree and cutting of sections at a time beginning from the top. Assisting the worker is a crane which will remove each section as they are cut, safely lowing them to the road or another safe clearing to have the logs cut up and processed in a wood chipper. Stationed on the road, a crane will have the ability to slowly transfer the sections over obstacles such as your home, garage, patio or anything else that makes urban tree removal precarious. This is quite the spectacle to watch! 

Croft Tree Experts Remove Your Tree Safely

To ensure the safety of your property and the property of your neighbours, you must be confident that you hired an experienced and professional tree removal service that can perform this task with safety as the number one priority. Croft Tree is dedicated to providing tree removal on time, budget, with extra attention being given to the safety of you and our employees. Contact us today to discuss options for having a tree removed on your urban Ottawa lot!