A sick tree can be tough to deal with. Most of the care comes down to prevention and early detection if you want a good chance at saving it from needing to be removed. Strong healthy trees not only provide you and your property with joy, shade and character, but also stand to increase the property value of your home. Be sure to always have an eye open for signs your tree’s health is compromised, as these symptoms typically develop slowly and the earlier it can be treated the better chance you have to save it. Here is a list of things to look out for:


Fungal growths at the base of a tree is a sure sign your tree may be suffering. They cause rotting and reduces the overall strength of the tree. Not all fungal growths are a death sentence, but needs to be inspected and treated by professionals ASAP to give the tree the best chance for recovery. Lots of fungi on the roots needs to be treated right away.

Decay and wounds

Some trees that are infected with a disease or fungus will experience decay or rot, comprising the strength of the tree and increasing risk of a fall during storms and strong winds. Sometimes rot and decay can be clearly visible from the outside, even to an untrained eye. Large sections of bark can appear discoloured and rotten, stemming from a wound. Decay will typically be started from a wound, either man made or from animals. The ability for the decay to spread will be determined by the genetics of the tree and environmental factors. If your tree has developed a wound of any kind, a professional will be able to help determine if the decay it is experiencing internally presents a risk.

Discoloured or Missing Leaves

When leaves simply do not appear in a section of the canopy or grow discoloured and wilted, it is a sure sign the tree suffering from some sort of stress. Discoloured leaves hint towards disease, the tree not receiving enough water or sunlight, compromising its ability to produce energy for itself.  Missing leaves generally mean the branches have died. Dead branches are at a high risk of detaching and falling. They should be removed quickly as possible to prevent any accidents or property damage. Dead branches do not always mean the tree is sick as many trees prune branches throughout their lifespan. 

When you fear your beloved tree may be suffering from disease, pests or rot, call Croft Tree Experts to inspect and diagnose any problems. We will do what we can to save it. If it poses a danger to your home and family, safely and efficiently remove it. Time is always critical so ensure you act fast!